In 3rd quarter FY19 (March 1, 2019 through May 31, 2019), the Office of Research assisted faculty with 260 proposals. During this same period, there were 34 research awards processed through the Office of Research.

The total research dollars awarded to the University through proposals submitted or contracts negotiated by the Office of Research and gifts designated for research in 3rd quarter FY19 is $15,435,055. This total does not include any cost share amounts. Each School contributed to this total as follows:

Behavioral and Brain Sciences$5,874,506
Engineering and Computer Sciences$7,869,872
Economic, Political and Policy Sciences$90,000
Natural Science and Mathematics$1,464,177
Research Gifts$136,500

DISCLAIMER: Office of Research uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information based on the specific requests that we receive. The numbers/amounts listed are accurate as of the date the report was provided. The amounts are the total expected award and do not take into consideration funding cuts, stop work orders, transfers, or de-obligations. Some of this information may be currently in an administrative process and is subject to change or verification. Due to sponsor restrictions, some qualifying awards may not be listed below.

Faculty Research Awards

The following are awards that were made prior to 3rd quarter FY19 but received by The University after February 28, 2019:

Kumar, Golden, CAREER: Understanding of Intrinsic Size-Effects in Deformation of Metallic Glasses, National Science Foundation 1921435, $410,859

Kantarcioglu, Murat, CPS: Medium: Collaborative Research: Security vs. Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz, $305,329

Torlak, Murat, SpecEES: Unified System Architecture for Energy Efficient Cognitive Radios, State University of New York-Albany, $250,000

Lumley, David, Consortium – 3D+4D Seismic Research, Various Industry Sponsors, $210,000

Bray, Tim, Collaboration Research Agreement: Beyond ABC Publication, Children’s Health System of Texas, $180,000

Qiu, Fang, CNH-L: People, Place, and Payments in a Complex Human-Environment Systems, San Diego State University Foundation, $157,999

Prasad, Shalini, Continuous Life Style Monitoring Through Sweat Platform (CLASP): A Novel Sensor for Real Time Tracking of Inflammatory Cytokines for IBD Tracking, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, $125,000

Gonzalez, Juan, PRIDE-Functional and Translational Genomics of Blood Disorders, Augusta University, $101,090

Nguyen, Tien, Adding C Configurable Code Parsing to Boa Large-scale Mining Infrastructure, Iowa State University, $93,623

Henderson, Rashaunda, Study of Nanowires (non-magnetic and magnetic) in via Technology for Interconnects at mm-wave to sub-millimeter Wave Frequencies, University of Minnesota, $67,211

The following are awards over $100,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from Federal sponsors between March 1, 2019 and May 31, 2019:

Price, Theodore, Translation Control of Pain Plasticity, National Institutes of Health R01NS065926, $2,699,955

Sirsi, Shashank, Development of Novel Acoustic Clusters for Improving Combinatorial Neuroblastoma Therapy, National Institutes of Health R01CA235756, $1,813,014

O’Toole, Alice, Human Face Representation in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, National Institutes of Health R01EY029692, $1,520,770

Hoyt, Kenneth, 3D Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging for Cancer Detection and Treatment Monitoring, National Institutes of Health R01EB025841, $1,358,874

Chen, Lunjin, Investigating Very Low Frequency Ground Transmitter Signals in the Magnetosphere, NASA 80NSSC19K0282, $520,974

Zhu, Hui, Investigating Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves near the Equator and at High Latitudes, NASA 80NSSC19K0283, $491,775

Ploski, Jonathan, Molecular Basis for the Induction of Reconsolidation Updating, National Institutes of Health R56MH118469, $382,500

Arteaga, Alexandra, Understanding the Impact of Diabetes on Implant Performance: A Retrieval Study, National Institutes of Health F31DK121483, $154,464

Lv, Bing, Semi-insulating BAs and BP Composite as Heat Spreaders for Power Electronic Devices, Office of Naval Research N00014-19-1-2061, $120,000

The following are awards over $50,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from non-Federal sponsors between March 1, 2019 and May 31, 2019:

Griffith, D. Todd, Active Aerodynamic Load Control for Wind Turbines, Aquanis, Inc., $1,296,148

Pancrazio, Joseph, Characterizing and Mitigating the Role of Oxidative Damage in Microelectrode Failure, Case Western Reserve University, $1,249,813

Pinkham, Amy, Social Cognition and Suicide in Psychotic Disorders, University of California San Diego, $931,374

Qin, Zhenpeng, Investigating Brain Tumor Drug Delivery by Optical Modulation of Blood-brain Barrier using Plasmonic Nanobubbles, CPRIT RP190278, $900,000

Prasad, Shalini, IPA SRA: Investigation of the Utilization of Electrochemical Approaches to Fentanyl Detection, NanoBio Detection Systems, $504,163

O’Toole, Alice, Janus Program Transition Research on Optimized Algorithms, University of Maryland, $212,405

Ware, Taylor, SBIR- Low-cost Polymer Films for Foldable Cover Lenses Used in Flexible Displays, ARES Materials, Inc., $199,993

Dai, Xianming, A New Method for Thermal Management of Smartphones Nanjing Bready Electronics Co., Ltd, $158,803

Zhang, Michael, Characterization of CTCF Mediated 3D Genome Organization and Transcriptional Regulation in Metastatic Prostate Cancer, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, $150,000

Lary, David, Collaboration Agreement: Build and Calibrate Sensing System, City of Plano, $75,000

Maskaly, Jonathan, SRA:  Commerce City Police Dept. Data Extraction Assistance, City of Commerce City, $50,000

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