Weeks of Welcome Poster Competition


The Office of Research hosted the 1st Annual Weeks of Welcome (WoW) Poster Competition on Friday, August 24, 2018. For more photos from this event, please view the blog post.

2018 WoW Poster Competition

First Place

Kevin Lam, biomedical engineering: Functional cargo delivery into mouse and human fibroblasts using a versatile microfluidic device

Second Place

Hassan Jahanandish, bioengineering: Ultrasound imaging for human lower-extremity motion prediction and its potential for assistive device control

Third Place

Michael Darrow, biomedical engineering: Vagus Nerve Stimulation Paired with Rehabilitation Increases Plasticity and Recovery Following Spinal Cord Injury

Honorary Mention

Haley Dahl, molecular and cellular biology: p62 is a potential therapeutic target for castration resistant prostate cancer cells

Maziyar Keshvarian, bioengineering: A multi-scale computational model of hypertension induced remodeling

Kyle Murray, chemistry: Dynamics of L-Kynureninase Orthologs during Catalysis