Since COVID-19 continues to affect our day to day life, hospital beds, vaccines, infection rates, and more are still concerns we must consider. To quantify these factors, Dr. Timothy Bray at the University of Texas at Dallas has developed a dashboard which combines data on coronavirus disease in North Texas.

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While COVID-19 does not respect borders between cities and counties, much of the data we receive is siloed and inaccessible across county lines. In North Texas, each county has developed its own dashboard and reporting mechanism to inform the public and shape policy.

This setup causes problems since the dashboard for each county lacks information from neighboring counties. Dallas, which has residents in three North Texas counties, would need to gather information from three perspectives to get a complete picture.

Sample information from the COVID-19 dashboard created by Dr. Timothy Bray and team.

Dr. Bray and his team used multiple data sources to create an integrated view of North Texas. The North Texas COVID-19 Data Viewer displays trends in cases, hospitalizations, and mortality rates for each of 19 counties in North Texas. Beyond infection data, the system also provides daily updates on hospital and ICU occupancy, ventilator availability, hospital-based COVID-19 information, and vaccination statistics. The system uses national data that compares North Texas to other metropolitan areas in Texas and across the nation. With this information, policymakers and elected officials are better informed as they continue to shape public health and recovery policies.

Check out the dashboard here.

Tune in Wednesday, October 20th to hear Dr. Rafael Martin, UT Dallas vice president and chief of staff, and Dr. Timothy Bray, Institute for Urban Policy Research director discuss this topic on the Research 411 Talk Show: The North Texas COVID Data Viewer.