Learn more about COVID data sources and how elected officials use the information to shape public health and recovery policy during this Research 411 talk show. Dr. Rafael Martín, UT Dallas vice president and chief of staff, and Dr. Timothy Bray, Institute for Urban Policy Research director, discuss the COVID-19 data system that Dr. Bray created. The North Texas COVID Data Viewer allows any user to see trends for cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for all of North Texas and each of 19 counties.

Guest Speaker Info

Dr. Timothy Bray joined the faculty of UT Dallas’ School of Economic, Political, and Policy Research in 2002. After a brief leave to assist with creating a community research institute, he returned to UT Dallas as director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research, a multidisciplinary group dedicated to work that improves life in our communities. Dr. Bray’s research is at the nexus of people, policy, and place. He studies complex social problems at multiple scales and seeks to bring data to help solve those problems. He currently serves on the faculty of the Public Policy and Political Economy program and the Social Data, Analytics, and Research program, where he works with students to bring data to solve wicked social problems.