Regional cooperation, planning, and action—especially in the areas of healthcare and crisis response—are fundamental
during this current COVID pandemic.

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Many of our systems and processes have not yet moved to embrace a regional perspective. Public health data continues to be county-focused, leaving policymakers and residents hunting for an accurate picture of the regional problem. Moreover, data from different sources requires the user to find it and combine it on their own.

Here at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), The Institute for Urban Policy Research is offering a cohesive view of the pandemic by combining hard-to-navigate publicly available COVID case information with non-publicly accessible data on hospital utilization and COVID testing information.

Through their user-friendly, interactive dashboard policymakers and residents can monitor how their county is performing and see how their neighbors are doing, too.

Partnering with local governments like Dallas County and the City of
Dallas, The Institute for Urban Policy Research and UTD are tackling specific policy questions by utilizing these data science and visualization tools to help communities chart a course forward.

Be sure to tune in to Research 411 on Tuesday, July 14 at 11:​00 am as we welcome guest speakers Dr. Timothy Bray, Director of Institute for Urban Policy Research and Rafael Martin, Vice President and Chief of Staff for a discussion about Dr. Bray’s research, statistics, and information related to the current COVID-19 pandemic: