Upcoming Events

Cleanroom Faculty/Staff Meeting

NSERL Conference Room 1.744


Going forward, this meeting will be held on the first Monday of every month instead of every other Monday. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 6/4. Sponsors can request additional meetings during any month if the need arises.


Wallace Martin

Associate Director – Cleanroom Research Laboratory
The University of Texas at Dallas
Office: (972) 883-4302

Cleanroom User Announcements

Raith E-beam Litho User Fees

To: All Cleanroom users and sponsors

Beginning in January, 2013 the Cleanroom will start charging hourly user fees for the new Raith 150 high resolution e-beam writer. We need to recover ~$100K/year to support the annual service contract and to help purchase expensive consumables such as e-beam photoresist. Initially, internal UTD researchers will be charged $50/hour. External customers (industrial & academic) will pay more. Based upon usage, the fees will be adjusted up or down as appropriate. The internal UTD starting point of $50/hour was established from recent use data.

Billing will be on a trimester basis (May, August, & December). Data for billing will be taken from the online tool reservation software and logbook entries.

Data from a recent 14 day period:

Average use Time 6.99 hr
Number of Runs longer than 4 hours 13
Total number of runs 28
% long runs 46 %
Number of short runs 15
Average short runs (<4 hr) 2.614583 hr
Runs per day avg 2.071429


Wallace Martin

AFM / SPM User Fees

To: Sponsors of Cleanroom users,

In order to support the cost of maintaining and repairing the Cleanroom Veeco Dimension 5000 AFM/SPM, we plan to charge “user”fees begininning January 1, 2012. We need to generate approximately $15K/year to cover routine maintenance, repairs, and to purchase / inventory tapping mode tips. We’ve determined, from use history, that a fee of $40 / use should generate enough money to purchase a basic maintenance contract and a one year supply of tapping mode tips. Note that the $40 fee will be charged on a “per/use” basis (not an hourly charge).

AFM user fees will be collected the same way we currently handle Heidelberg mask writing fees.

  • Vickie Lincoln will email invoice statements to each sponsor, (copy to AA staff). Invoice will list user name, number of uses during period.
  • Sponsor / AA will assign users to appropriate cost center & communicate this information to Vickie Lincoln.
  • Vickie will then prepare IDT journals accordingly.

Invoices & IDT notifications will arrive toward the end of each term;

  • Spring term – May (expect invoice & IDT early May for approval prior to end of billing cycle).
  • Summer term – August (expect invoice & IDT early August for approval prior to end of billing cycle).
  • Fall term – December (expect invoice & IDT early December for approval prior to end of billing cycle).


Wallace Martin
Associate Director – Cleanroom Research Laboratory
Office Phone: (972) 883-4302

Heidelberg DWL 66 Laserwriter Mask Writing Fees

Dear Users and Sponsors,
Please see this link regarding fees for mask making using the cleanroom laser writer tool. To keep your costs to a minimum, I encourage you to carefully verify your mask design in advance of using the tool.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Bob W

Robert M. Wallace, Ph.D.
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering,
Electrical Engineering and Physics
(972) 883-6638