Online Tool Reservations

Starting from 6/20/2019 we will be transitioning to a new scheduler software for cleanroom tool reservations. For time slot starting from 7/1/2019 use the new scheduler. All reservation made on the old scheduler will stop on 6/30/2019. AFM, SEM and RAITH reservation will stay on FOM scheduler.

What to do:

  • Follow the links to the registration page.
  • Use your existing UTD NETID and password to login.
  • After logging you will see the list of tools you have trained and have permission to use.
  • Click on Reserve, A new window will open, fill the form and submit.

What to do after permission is granted:

When logged on to the Reservation System, a control panel page will appear. Use “BOOKINGS” to reserve time.
A green square will appear upon the calendar when clicking on the time and date you want to reserve.
Double click and a window will open allowing you to enter start and end times for your reservation.
For questions, use the help function on the Reservations System or contact a Cleanroom staff member. Please start the registration process now.

Online Cleanroom Tool Reservations

Schedule Reservations on AFM, Raith, SEM

Requires Adobe Reader.
Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended as your browser.