SD-OSR Spinning Disk Super Resolution Microscope


RL B.717B

Credits: Nikki Delk, Afshan Fathima Nawas, Shayna Thomas-Jardin; Sample: Breast cancer cells treated with IL-1 and immunostained for p62 and autophagosomes.


  • High-speed multidimensional imaging with optical sectioning up to 200 FPS
  • Spinning disk modality produces high SNR images with minimal photobleaching
  • High sensitivity SCMOS camera
  • Laser lines for all classes of fluorescent proteins
  • Incubation for mammalian cells
  • IR reflection based autofocus
  • Silicon oil 100x objective for refractive match
  • 120nm SIM Super-Resolution at 3 FPS


Internal user $29/hour
Internal service fee $50/hour

Detailed Specifications


  • Olympus IX83 Fully Motorized Inverted Microscope
  • Zero Drift Compensator (IX3-ZDC2) laser-based autofocus
  • Ultrasonic automated stage, Multiple Area Time Lapse Stage Control Software, and Well-Plate Navigator Tool for multi-area, time-lapse, and multi-area mosaic image stitching
  • Tokai hit stage top live-cell incubation chamber

Tandem Scanners (select at software initialization)

  • Yokogawa W1 Spinning Disk for high speed imaging up to 200 FPS
  • Airy disk oversampling drives resolution down to 120 nm at 3 FPS

Light Sources:

  • 405 nm: 50 mW, 488 nm: 100 mW, 561 nm: 100 mW, 640 nm: 100 mW
  • X-CITE 120 LED-based epifluorescence illumination

Conventional Fluorescence Filters

  • 87-059; long pass dichroic filter 325-435(R)/444-850(T)
  • 67-072; long pass dichroic filter 440-500(R)/513-730(T)
  • 67-075; long pass dichroic filter 520-585(R)/600-800(T)


Air objectives

  • UPLSAPO4X;U PLAN S-APO 4X, NA 0.16, WD 13 mm
  • UPLSAPO10X2;U PLANS S-APO 10X; NA 0.4, WD 3.1 mm
  • UPLSAPO20X;U PLAN S-APO 20X, NA 0.75, WD 0.65 mm
  • UPLSAPO40X2;U PLAN S-APO 40X; NA 0.95, WD 0.18 mm

Silicone oil objectives

  • UPLSAPO100XS; UPLSAPO 100X SI oil, NA 1.35, WD 0.20 mm

Silicone oil provides better refractive index match to cells and tissue than water or traditional immersion oil for brighter and deeper cell/tissue imaging. Silicone oil does not evaporate, nor degrade permitting very long, live cell/tissue time-lapse imaging with ease. Greater working distance than most traditional immersion objectives while still retaining high numerical aperture (100x – 1.35 NA 200 µm WD).

Plan Super Apochromat design fully compensates for both planar and chromatic aberrations from the UV to the near infrared region for precise multi-color colocalization imaging.


  • 49000-IX3; ET-DAPI D350/50X, BS400, 460/50M
  • 49002-IX3; ET-EGFP/FITC/CY2 470/40X, BS495, 525/50M
  • 49008-IX3; ET-MCHERRY/TXRED 560/40X, BS585, 630/75M
  • 49006-IX3; ET-CY5 620/60X, BS660, 700/75M


  • Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 Plus SCMOS Digital Camera

Computer and Software

  • HP Windows 7 64-bit Confocal Workstation and 30” Monitor, 2TB HD, 128 & 256GB SSDs, 32GB DDR3 RAM
  • Metamorph advanced for Olympus imaging software

Software manual:

PDF file can be found on this link.

Video tutorials can be can be here:

Module 1: Overview and Basic Image Acquisition

Module 2: Multidimensional Acquisition