VS120 Virtual Slide Microscope


RL B.717CA

Credits: Ted Price, Salim Megat; Instrument: VS 120 Slide Scanner, Description: D5 RNAscope insitu hybridization (BY SALIM MEGAT). Shows D5 dopamine receptor mRNA expression in mouse brain. Bright field 20x image

Software Manual



  • High content imaging of fixed samples labeled with diverse fluorophores and stains mounted on slides
  • 3D z-stacks, multi-position, image stitching
  • Automatic specimen recognition capability limits scanning to the specimen area with high-level color fidelity and image quality up to 100 slides at a time


Internal user $15/hour
Internal service fee $37/hour

Detailed Specifications


  • Olympus VS120 virtual slide scanner configured for transmitted and reflected light brightfield and epi-fluorescence scanning modes. Includes 100-slide loader for batch scans of 1-100 slides

Light Source

  • SOLA-SE-II solid state white light excitation subsystem
  • Built-in Koehler illumination for transmitted light


  • 49000-BX2; ET-DAPI D350/50X, BS400, 460/50M
  • 49002-BX2; ET-EGFP/FITC/CY2 470/40X, BS495, 525/50M
  • 49004-BX2; ET-CY3/TRITC 545/25X, BS565, 605/70M
  • 49008-BX2; ET-MCHERRY/TXRED 560/40X, BS585, 630/75M
  • 49006-BX3; ET-CY5 620/60X, BS660, 700/75M


Air objectives

  • 2x (NA 0.08) 7 μm/pixel
  • 10x (NA 0.40) 66 μm/pixel
  • 20x (NA 0.75) 0.33 μm/pixel
  • 40x (NA 0.95) 0.17 μm/pixel


  • Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4.0 Plus Enhanced QE SCMOS Digital Camera

Computer and Software

  • VS-ASW-FL V2.9 software for 5/6 slide and SL
  • VS-HIGHSENS V2.9 license
  • VS-RFAA for VS120