Many funding agencies have instituted requirements for data sharing and formal data management plans (DMP), including but not limited to:

By creating a complete DMP, you can better manage your data, meet funder requirements, and help other researchers use the data when shared.

We have partnered with the University of California Curation Center to provide access to DMPTool. This web-based tool helps construct DMPs using funder focused templates. With this tool, you can save, edit, and share your plans as well as request a review of your DMP from UT Dallas Office Research, Office of Information Security, and Office of Information Technology. To access the UT Dallas-customized DMPTool, choose “University of Texas at Dallas” as your institution to login via single sign-on.  A quick start guide is available through DMPTool Help.


You may also use the questions below in conjunction with other specific funder requirements to write your own data management plan.

  • Project and Data Description
    • How, what, and why is the data being collected?
    • How much data over what period will the data be collected and/or generated?
    • Are you using existing data, if so where is it from and are there any restrictions on its use? (HIPAA, ITAR, FERPA, etc.)
  • Metadata, Format, and Documentation
    • How will you document the metadata, and is it using open standards or a proprietary format?
    • What formats will be used; is licensed software needed to view and operate the data?
    • What directory and file naming conventions will be used?
  • Access and Sharing
    • Who holds the Intellectual Property rights to the data?
    • When, how, and what data will be shared?
    • Are there any ethical, privacy, licensing, patent, or confidentiality concerns in sharing of the data? Will the data need to be anonymized before it is shared with others/external?
  • Storage and Management
    • Who will be responsible for managing the data? (Data Owner)
    • What are the local and shared storage backup procedures?
    • What policies are in place to provide secure authenticated access to active research projects? Are there requirements for encryption, segmentation, or isolation?
  • Preservation
    • Where will the data be archived and how long will the data be stored? 3, 5, 10 years, indefinitely?
    • Will you be using a domain-specific repository? If not, please consider using Callisto (UT Dallas Globus Endpoint).

Sample plans:

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