1.0 Conference Services

The Research Events team provides conference services to UT Dallas faculty for hosted research conferences. Our Event Managers can be actively involved in your event’s production, helping on site with logistics and last minute challenges. Our Event Managers are experienced planning and managing a wide range of activities at all campus venues. We can help you with catering, posters, travel, vendor contracts and all other elements of conference logistics. The Research Events team can be reached at researchevents@utdallas.edu.

1.1 Initial Contact

Email the Research Events team with information on the conference requiring support and the person who will serve as the main point of contact. An Event Manager will follow-up with an in-person meeting with the point of contact regarding needs.

1.2 Fees

The Event Managers do not charge for their time or services. However, the client is expected to cover all costs associated with the event. The Event Managers do not raise funds for conferences but will help with sponsors’ needs. While the Event Managers inform the clients on costs, it is ultimately up to the client to ensure the conference stays within budget.

1.3 Reimbursement of expenses

Either the client will provide the Event Manager with a UT Dallas cost center for payment or the Event Manager will provide an invoice within 30 days of the end of the event. Checks can be made out to The University of Texas at Dallas. The Research Events team cannot accept a credit card for reimbursement of expenses.


2.0 Access

2.1 Event and Conference Access

All events must be sponsored and coordinated by an on-campus department, school, or organization. The access to University facilities can be arranged through the Event Manager. Entrance at residence halls and some academic or recreational facilities is valid only with an access ID card that is provided when checking in.


3.0 Room Reservation Procedures

Reservations must be arranged by a person authorized to make financial contracts for the requesting organization. Billing arrangements must be clearly determined prior to confirmation of any reservation. Event Managers are required to following the policies regarding facilities: UTDPP1048 – University Policies for Reservation and Use of Facilities.

3.1 Cancellations

Cancellations must be made in writing (by email to researchevents@utdallas.edu at least 10 days prior to the event. Cancellation fees will be assessed at 100% of charges incurred by the Office of Research Development.

3.2 Quick Turnarounds

Last-minute reservations can be made through e-mail at researchevents@utdallas.edu. Reservations are limited to available space.

3.3 Confirmation

Unless there is an unforeseen emergency, the event is confirmed once the confirmation is received by the client.

3.4 Fees

Organizations are responsible for all room, media and other fees associated with the space reserved.

3.5 Liability

The University of Texas at Dallas does not assume any liability for articles that are stolen, misplaced or left on University property.


4.0 Regulations

4.1 Catering

Food service needs for all functions occurring on campus are provided by or through the University’s Food Services Office. Event managers will work with clients on their catering needs. The final guest count is required four business days before the event.

4.2 Alcohol Policy

Some events may include alcoholic beverages. Event Managers will work with clients to ensure State and University rules are enforced. See Regents’ Rules and Regulations, Series 80102, Alcoholic Beverages. All organizations serving alcoholic beverages must state that during initial contact with Event Managers.

The client must provide the name of the responsible party who will attend the entire function in conjunction with the Event Manager.

The guidelines for the type of events for which alcohol may be approved are defined as activities having a broad developmental focus; some examples include an advisory council dinner or a reception for a donor, an opening of a building or an art/museum exhibit, an alumni gathering, a community outreach function, or other developmental outreach-related event. Receptions held in conjunction with invited regional/national conferences and symposia hosted by the University, as well as events hosted in private home with alcoholic beverages provided by the University, fall under these guidelines.

Guidelines and Limitations

An event is University-sponsored if a budgeted office, department, or division of the University is responsible for organizing the event, inviting attendees, and paying expenses related to the event. Even if an outside entity pays for the food and beverages at the event, the event is considered University-sponsored when an office, department or division of the University plans or organizes the function.

Food must be available at all functions where alcoholic beverages are served. If donated alcoholic beverages are to be served, the request must be accompanied by documentation from the donor. Alcoholic beverages are considered to be donated if they are acquired via non-University funding sources, i.e. alumni groups, vendors, individuals, etc. and the purchaser is not subsequently reimbursed.

The Special Events Risk Assessment form (Parts 1 and 2) must be completed. The approved form must accompany the Purchase Voucher form for reimbursement of alcohol purchases.

Monitoring of compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the RUO.

4.3 Tobacco Use

The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is committed to promoting a healthier work, research, educational and living environment. In order to better accomplish this goal, as well as to ensure compliance with external cancer research grant requirements, including the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) regulations, the University prohibits tobacco product use. Any advertising, sale, or free sampling of tobacco products on University property is prohibited. Improper disposal of and/or littering the campus with the remains of tobacco products or any other related waste product also is prohibited.

This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and visitors of UT Dallas, University contractors, subcontractors and their respective employees; and individuals, including contractors and employees of any entity leasing UT Dallas property while on said property. This policy is applicable twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

4.5 Parking

All lots on the UT Dallas campus require a valid parking permit. The Event Manager will assist with obtaining a temporary parking pass for conference attendees. Costs will be discussed during the planning process.

Parking & Transportation can supply event greeters that assist with permit distribution, parking space reservations, LUKE coupon code entry, assisting guests with directions, and event tent set-up.

The price to reserve Event Greeter service is:

$10.00/hour per driver for weekday service

$12.00/hour per driver for weekend service

4.6 Transportation

Campus Transportation

The Event Manager will coordinate with Transportation Services for campus transportation for your event. Transportation Services offers Comet Cabs, which may be used for campus tours and special events on campus. Highly visible orange tents or a 25 foot flag mark the gathering place for event attendees, making it clear where to go once guests arrive to campus using their designated entrance and parking lot assignments. Once parked, trained Transportation Services staffers help guests board Comet Cabs for transport to the event location.

Comet Cabs:

  • Have a maximum capacity of 13 people.
  • Are equipped with a public announcement system for tour guides.
  • Are all-electric vehicles.
  • Have a range of 50 miles, or 4 to 5 hours on a single charge.

Charter Transportation

The Event Manager will help you arrange transportation for your local event, group travel, airport transfers, or mini-tour. Charter transportation prices are subject to change based on vendor selected.

4.7 Safety

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for maintaining the health and safety of UTD students, employees, and guests. The Event Manager will contact them to ensure that you are properly informed of possible health and safety procedures regarding your guests and event space.

4.8 Banners

No banners, posters or other hangings are allowed on the public walls or the exterior of the building unless authorized by the University.

4.9 Solicitation

Soliciting of any kind is strictly prohibited.

4.10 Fire

Guests are not allowed to have any candles, incense and similar open-flame producing items within our residence halls.