UT Dallas inventors who have created non-software technology that they believe may be commercially valuable should complete and submit the Technology Disclosure Form to submit that technology to the Office of Technology Commercialization for evaluation.

UT Dallas inventors who have created software technology that they believe may be commercially valuable, including through open source licensing, should complete and submit the Software Disclosure Form.

Review the technology commercialization process to understand what to expect after your invention is submitted for commercializaton assessment. It may also be helpful to review the Intellectual Property Primer page prior to submitting your invention for review.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Often it is desirable for two (or more) parties to be able to disclose confidential information to one another during discussions of a possible business or research relationship, while protecting themselves from the consequences of inadvertent disclosure of the information. In this situation, the parties execute an agreement (variously called a confidentiality agreement, proprietary information agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, or something similar). If the confidential information relates to UT Dallas research and/or intellectual property, the institution, rather than an individual, must be a party to the agreement. Either OTC or OSP is able to assist UT Dallas researcher and outside entities with putting a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place. If the subject of the discussions relates solely to research, it is usually preferable to enlist OSP’s assistance. If the scope of the discussion is anticipated to relate to intellectual property (that is, if an invention has been created and disclosed to OTC), it is preferable for OTC to assist the researcher. If an NDA is needed, please send a request to

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

A material transfer agreement (MTA) is a legal document put in place when a physical substance or information is transferred into or out of UT Dallas. These agreements can be used to establish agreement with respect to liability, intellectual property rights and boundaries, requirement to report and ownership of results, and set costs for the transfer of material. From OTC’s perspective, it is particularly important that any materials for which a technology disclosure form has been submitted and/or for which intellectual property rights are being sought are only transferred for third party research under an agreement governing that transfer. If you think an MTA may be necessary or helpful, please send a request to