The primary policy affecting university technology commercialization is UT Dallas’s Intellectual Property Policy which is summarized below. Links to other relevant UT Dallas and UT System policies are also provided.

Summary of UT Dallas Intellectual Property Policy


  • “Intellectual Property” includes any invention, discovery, trade secret, technology, scientific or technological development, or computer software, regardless of whether such property is subject to protection under the patent, trademark, or copyright laws except as excluded below.
  • The policy applies to:
    • UT Dallas employees
    • Those (including students) using UT Dallas facilities under supervision of UT Dallas employees
    • Candidates for masters and doctoral degrees, as well as postdoctoral and predoctoral fellows
    • Intellectual property that has resulted from activities performed:
      • On UT Dallas time;
      • With support by State funds; and/or
      • Using UT Dallas facilities
  • The policy does not apply to:
    • Faculty-authored scholarly works, art works, musical compositions and literary works related to the faculty member’s professional field, unless commissioned by or produced as a work for hire by UT Dallas.
    • Intellectual property produced by an employee of an outside firm under contract with UT Dallas.
    • Intellectual property unrelated to an individual’s employment responsibility that is developed on the individual’s own time and without UT Dallas support or use of UT Dallas facilities.


  • Before intellectual property is disclosed either to the public or for commercial purposes, the creator shall submit a Technology Disclosure to the University.
  • The University will either assert rights of ownership to the property on behalf of the Board of Regents or release them to the creator(s) subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • Where the Board’s rights are asserted, it is mandatory that persons covered by this policy assign all rights in such property to the Board.
  • Intellectual Property creators should have a major role in the determination of how it is to be made public; i.e., by publication, by development and commercialization after securing available protection, or both (unless research agreements provide otherwise).

Licensing and Distribution of Income

  • If a license is obtained, the costs of licensing and obtaining a patent or other protection shall be recaptured from any royalties prior to further distribution.
  • The remainder of royalty income shall be divided 50% to the inventor(s) and 50% to UT Dallas.
  • UT Dallas’ share of royalty income shall be allocated for research purposes.
  • With prior written permission of the President, future royalties payable to a faculty member may be assigned to UT Dallas by the faculty member and designated for use in research to be conducted by such a faculty member.

Equity Interests

  • UT Dallas may receive equity interests as partial or total compensation for intellectual property rights conveyed in business agreements.
  • Subject to executive review and approval, UT Dallas employees may hold an equity interest in business entities that have an agreement with the University relating to research, development, licensing, or other exploitation of intellectual property they create.
  • Income received by the University from equity held by the Board shall belong to the System and may be used by UT Dallas for research purposes.
  • Income received by a UT Dallas employee from equity held by the employee shall belong to the employee.

Business Participation

  • UT Dallas employees shall not serve on the governing board, as officer, or as an employee of a business entity that has an agreement with the University relating to intellectual property created by that employee without UT Dallas review and approval.
  • When requested and authorized by the Board of Regents, an employee may serve on their behalf on a governing board of a business entity that has an agreement with the UT System relating to research, development, licensing, or exploitation of intellectual property.

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