Principal Investigator

  1. Ensure that the sponsor’s funds are being expended for the proposed and awarded scope of work and that the expended Effort complies with the applicable UTD policies and procedures and the sponsor’s governing regulations
  2. Assume overall responsibility for programmatic aspects and financial stewardship of an award
  3. Complete and submit technical reports in a timely manner (interim and final)
  4. Initiate proposal submission
  5. Initiate request for budget revisions
  6. Initiate request for no-cost extension
  7. Initiate request for cost transfers in accordance with University and Federal policy and procedures (OMB 2 CFR 200 – Uniform Guidance)
  8. Review and accept subaward terms and conditions
  9. Review and approve subaward invoices
  10. Manage subaward performance
  11. Review and approve compensation confirmation
  12. Assist with collection efforts on past due invoices, as needed
  13. Monitoring subrecipients to ensure compliance with federal regulations and both the prime and subrecipient award terms and conditions

Department Administrator

  1. Act as a liaison between the Principal Investigator (PI) and the Research Office
  2. Assist principal investigator with proposal preparation
  3. Monitor and reconcile expenditures to ensure allowability, allocability, consistency, and reasonableness
  4. Monitor and reconcile balances to ensure spending within budget and to prevent over-expenditures
  5. Maintain backup documentation related to expenditures within terms and conditions of the award (record retention)
  6. Fund, monitor, track and document cost share commitments – Manage and verify compensation confirmation submissions
  7. Assist PI with request for budget revision
  8. Process cost transfers in a timely manner, in accordance with University and federal policy and procedures (OMB 2 CFR 200 – Uniform Guidance)
  9. Initiate purchase order request for approved subaward agreements
  10. Assist with collection efforts on past due invoices, as needed
  11. Review invoices from subrecipient to ensure they are within the parameters of the subaward budget and question expenditures, if necessary.
  12. Review, complete, and submit closeout checklist in a timely manner

Research-Office of Post Award Management (OPM)

  1. Provides guidance and interpretation of federal regulations, agency specific requirements, and University policies and procedures
  2. Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 2 CFR 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, Sponsor, State and University policies, guidelines and regulations.
  3. Establishes new cost center and post-budget for all sponsored projects in conjunction with School Fiscal Officer
  4. Establishes and monitors cost share cost center and budget in conjunction with School Fiscal Officer
  5. Approves expenditures on sponsored projects after PI has approved – including cost transfers, EPARs (personnel forms) and Auto Journal Entries(JEs)
  6. Audit expenditure balance and award activity to verify financial compliance with University and sponsor, State and federal regulations and to ensure allowability, allocability, and reasonableness
  7. Verify and audit cost share in accordance with award terms and conditions
  8. Verify and Audit period of performance, record retention, compensation confirmation ensure compliance with University, Sponsor, State and Federal regulations
  9. Verify data within compensation confirmation submissions in accordance with University policies and procedures
  10. Initiate semi-annual compensation confirmation process
  11. Oversight of the financial management of subrecipient monitoring and ensuring that the UTD’s subrecipient monitoring procedures are compliant with federal and other applicable regulations
  12. Assist Office of Finance in the close-out of a contract and grant
  13. Work with external auditors to complete the A-133 audit process
  14. Respond to ad hoc audit requests (internal and external)
  15. Provide training, as needed.

Finance-Billing and Receivable Office

  1. Billing and collection of receivable due to the University on the Contract bill Plan in financial system
  2. Ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of all financial status reports
  3. Post-closing reconciliation of all the contract and grant cost centers
  4. Aging of Invoices and collection procedure
  5. Participation in AFR Financial reporting, ARRA reports completion & SEFA
  6. Disclosure statement (DS-2) and F&A Rate agreement negotiations
  7. Financial reporting, interagency contracts and grants accounting(pass-through due to due from confirmation, close out of grants, federal schedule preparation)
  8. Work with external auditors to complete the A-133 audit process
  9. Respond to ad hoc audit requests (internal and external)