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Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when a researcher’s financial or fiduciary interests could directly or significantly affect the design, conduct, or reporting of research at UT Dallas. The presence of a conflict of interest does not mean that there has been or will be a misdeed; however, failure to disclose a conflict of interest may properly be viewed as a misdeed. An unreported conflict of interest may result from a failure to disclose a conflict of interest or, even more seriously, a false certification of the absence of a conflict of interest. Failure to report or providing a false certification of a conflict of interest constitutes noncompliance with the policy and may be cause for disciplinary action.

Research Integrity Committee

The Research Integrity Committee is responsible for the review and management of conflict of interests related to research on behalf of the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Committee’s primary function is to protect the integrity of UT Dallas’ research and education missions, as well as the integrity of the organization and the research investigator.

Where management of a research conflict of interest is required, a Conflict of Interest Management Plan Review Panel works with the faculty member involved to consider all facts available to it and develop a management plan. Once developed, all management plans will be acknowledged by the individual, tracked over time, and monitored.

The Research Integrity Committee is appointed by the Office of the Provost. The Committee consists of faculty members and such members of the UT Dallas administration as are needed to serve as resources for the committee.

Please contact the Conflict of Interest Manager if you have questions about the Research Integrity Committee.

Conflict of Commitment

A conflict of commitment is a situation in which an outside activity directly or significantly interferes with an employee’s judgment in performing his or her institutional responsibilities, or a situation in which an employee uses UT Dallas, U.T. System, or State of Texas resources without authority or approval in connection with an outside activity or interest. Generally, outside activities must not interfere with a faculty member or research employee’s performance of his or her institutional responsibilities.

Forms and Guidelines

Conflict of Interest Management Documents

Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest  Related to Research