UT Dallas is guided by federal regulations and ethical principles intended to ensure the humane care and use of animals in research so as to benefit human and/or animal health, the advancement of knowledge, and the good of society.

The primary mission of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is to ensure the protection of the rights and welfare of all animals utilized in research as conducted by university faculty, staff, and students. The IACUC review process is guided by federal and state regulations, and university policy. IACUC members include faculty, staff, and community members (scientists and non-scientists) who, in the aggregate, possess a broad range of interests and expertise that correspond with the areas of research reviewed.

All research involving vertebrate animals that is conducted or authorized under the jurisdiction of The University of Texas at Dallas is subject to review by the IACUC. The review must be conducted before a project can be started.

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Lab Animal Resource Center (LARC)

As a nationally recognized research facility, the Lab Animal Resource Center works in cooperation with the IACUC, federal, state, and local authorities in providing for the ethical care and use of animals utilized in biomedical research. The LARC supports the advancement of higher education, responsible scientific progress, and serves in the public’s interest in ensuring the highest ethical animal welfare standards are upheld.

For additional information, or general questions surrounding the IACUC and lab animal programs, please contact Kathan McCallister, Director of Research Integrity and Outreach at (972) 883-2465 or kathan.mccallister@utdallas.edu.

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  • Kathan McCallister, Lab Animal Resource Center Director, 972-883-2465, RL 1.714, kathan.mccallister@utdallas.edu, lab animal resource center;research integrity and outreach
  • Cynthia Tralmer, IACUC Coordinator, 972-883-4597, RL 1.742, cynthia.tralmer@utdallas.edu, lab animal resource center;research integrity and outreach