General Correspondence includes physical or electronic documents related to the general business of the University and public documents, such as the following:

  • Visa paperwork
  • Employment documents
  • Student enrollment and transcript paperwork
  • Published data or research results

General Correspondence does not include documents containing proprietary or export-controlled information. Such documents should be designated as Technical Data. (Note: Documents containing confidential student information should be sent as General Correspondence.)

I need help determining what kind of documents I am sending


Are you shipping domestic or international?

What you need to ship: eShipGlobal will direct you to the Ship Domestic module. You do not need to provide any information about the item you are sending.

What information you need to ship: eShipGlobal will ask you to indicate that you are sending General Correspondence. You should select ‘No’ confirming that your documents do not contain confidential or export-controlled information. You will continue to Item Selection. Please state the type of document you are sending for recordkeeping.

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