Are you shipping any of the following?

  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Biological materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Dry ice

I need help shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods

  • Confidential, sensitive, or export-controlled information?

I need help shipping export-controlled items

  • Technology described in, or is part of, an Invention Disclosure that UTD is protecting or has protected by one or more patents, or pending patents?
  • Intellectual property exclusively licensed by UTD to another party?
  • Any material that was received from another party under an agreement (e.g., Material Transfer Agreement, Sponsored Research Agreement, or commercial purchases with use limitations) that prohibits or limits redistribution or further transfer of such material?
  • Any material or technology that was created or discovered using external research funding (e.g., government, industry, or foundation grant, gift, or contract)?

I need more information about sponsor and licensing restrictions on shipments


Are you shipping domestic or international?

What you need to ship: eShipGlobal will direct you to the Ship Domestic module. You do not need to specify the products you are sending. Please note any related UTD Project or Contract IDs in the ‘Shipment Reference’ field.

What you need to ship: eShipGlobal will ask you to indicate you are sending Products. eShipGlobal will then ask you to indicate whether the items contain export-controlled information or any confidentiality or nondisclosure restrictions. You will then select an ‘Item’ from the database, which will import export designations provided by the ECO. Please email the ECO if you need a new item added to the UTD database. After selecting your item, please state the purpose of the shipment and any related UTD Project or Contract IDs in the ‘Shipment Reference’ field.