The Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) supports the Offices of Research, including: Application and Software Development, Technical Support, Virtual Infrastructure, and social media channels.

Application and Software Development


Managing all web-publishing and applications for Research, ORIS works to digitally modernize and simplify existing workflows while providing guidance in creating and management of virtual infrastructure. Our team streamlines processes on a variety of platforms and manages back office support for our outward-facing research teams.

Desktop and Technical Support

ORIS provides IT support services to the Offices of Research, from system configuration and deployment to full-tier technical assistance. Our support in a range of modern operating systems and environments allows our team to quickly address issues and offer creative business solutions.

Our team is available to:

  • Resolve technical issues via Research help desk tickets
  • Coordinate with IR departments to facilitate requests
  • Write documentation for technicians and for end users
  • Provide support for meetings, conferences, presentations, and trainings

Virtual Infrastructure

In addition to supporting a virtual environment and the Offices of Research, ORIS provides guidance and licensing for several virtualization tools. Qualified researchers and research staff may request VMware licenses. For assistance with virtualization services, please contact us.

Social Media

ORIS actively engages the University and global community by providing social media presence for The Offices of Research, Venture Development, and Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and faculty/student spotlights with the world. Our research blog posts feature a variety of research-related topics, training seminars, and events calendar, as well as other outreach initiatives.

Follow the Offices of Research on Twitter @UTDResearch as we continue to post innovative stories about partnerships, emerging technologies, and cutting-edge research.

Web Application Group (WAG)

ORIS partners with other departments to host the Web Application Group (WAG).

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Faculty and staff working with web technologies are encouraged to attend the WAG events which meet throughout the year and aim to connect the UT Dallas community in a knowledge-share environment to increase technical awareness and learning, examine university operations, and streamline practices and procedures to ensure smooth operations, updates, and maintenance.


ORIS team members have experience in a variety of specialty skills that contribute to the research office’s expanding initiatives.

Multimedia production is one of the many ways ORIS assists our offices. Branding initiatives help shape the UT Dallas Research mission and communicate departmental processes and strategies. This includes copywriting and journalism ideologies, as well as graphic design and web development. ORIS maintains and generates all research content distribution channels and attends events to participate in interactions between faculty, staff, and students. Photography and video production allow our team to highlight research and opportunities taking place on campus and feature cultivated and innovative relationships we are developing at UT Dallas.

Communicating Research procedures and practices for faculty, staff, and researchers is important to our team. Our experience in data management, digital records, and technical writing help clarify application and submission processes to ensure accuracy.