The Office of Research (OR) is proud to announce the upcoming broad availability of Callisto. This 640 core High Performance Cluster (HPC) is now available as a research resource for evaluating methods, technologies, and processes to enhance funding submittals. Callisto is designed around the execution of short term exploratory or prototyping projects and can rapidly assign resources to approved projects.

All resource requests will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Project Duration
  • Compute Cores Requested
  • Memory Requested
  • Storage Requested
  • Eligibility on Alternate HPC (Ganymede, TACC, etc.)
This small but capable cluster should provide an advantage to proof of concept exploration, pre-funded process evaluation, or serve as a building block to additional HPC resources. Callisto enables each research team to have access to one or more Linux or Windows Virtual Machines on a Windows Hyper-V cluster powered by Dell with the following specifications.

  • 16 Nodes
    • 40 Cores
    • 64 GB of RAM
    • 10 GB networking
  • 75 TB of Storage