Grant Award Numbers

In 1st quarter FY18 (September 1, 2017 through November 30, 2017), the Office of Research assisted faculty with 289 proposals. During this same period, there were 56 research awards processed through the Office of Research.

The total research dollars awarded to the University through proposals submitted or contracts negotiated by the Office of Research and gifts designated for research in 1st quarter FY18 is $17,920,501. This total does not include any cost share amounts. Each School contributed to this total as follows:

Arts, Technology and Emerging Communication $ 1,201,140
Behavioral and Brain Sciences $ 3,540,901
Economic, Political & Policy Sciences $ 312,000
Engineering and Computer Sciences $ 10,787,973
Natural Science and Mathematics $ 1,526,552
Research Gifts $ 551,935

DISCLAIMER: The Office of Research uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information based on the specific requests that we receive. The numbers/amounts listed are accurate as of the date the report was provided. The amounts are the total expected award and do not take into consideration funding cuts, stop work orders, transfers, or de-obligations. Some of this information may be currently in an administrative process and is subject to change or verification. Due to sponsor restrictions, some qualifying awards may not be listed below.

Faculty Research Awards

The following are awards that were made prior to FY18 but received by The University after August 31, 2017:

Owen, Margaret, Self-regulation Development and the Transition to Middle School, University of Georgia, $1,680,424

Palmer, Kelli, Relationships Between Metronidazole Resistance, Pharmacodynamics and Treatment Outcomes in Clostridium difficile Infection, Texas A&M Health Science Center, $252,588

Gassensmith, Jeremiah, Radiation-induced Release of Chemotherapeutic Agents In vivo, CPRIT, $200,000

Bray, Timothy, PEA: Community Impact Support 2017-2018, United Way, $136,364

Piquero, Nicole, Recover Me If You Can: Improving Services to Victims of Identity Theft, Development Services Group, Inc., $109,450

Natarajan, Sriraam, Machine Learning for Identifying Adverse Drug Events, University of Wisconsin at Madison, $91,049

Kildebeck, Eric, Flexible Low-Modulus Nanofiber-based TIME Nerve Interfaces, Luna Innovations, $49,999

Chabal, Yves, Thermal Monitoring of Quantum Cascade Lasers Using Scanning Near-Field Infrared Radiometry with Sub-Wavelength Resolution, Max-IR Labs, LLC, $45,000

Cho, Kyeongjae, World Class 300 (WC300): Development of NCM Cathode Material with High Power Density based on High BET for xEV, L&F Co., Ltd., $35,280

Park, Jiyoung, Midlife Health in Japan (MIDJA) and the U.S. (MIDUS), University of Michigan, $28,098

Penev, Kaloyan, Unstable Roche-Lobe Overflow of Gaseous Planets, Boise State University, $27,490

Cho, Kyeongjae, CRA: Study on Electronic Properties of Bi(tri)-layer Graphene with Varying Stacking and Orientation, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, $20,000

The following are awards over $100,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from Federal sponsors between September 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017:

Fibley, Francesca, The Role of Motivation and Control in Cannabis Use Disorders: A Cross-Cultural Longitudinal Neuroimaging Study, National Institutes of Health, R01DA042490, $2,562,338

Hamlen, Kevin, FINAL SECOND: Feature Identification, Neutralization, and Automated de-Layering for SEcuring COde ON Demand, Office of Naval Research N00014-17-1-2995, $1,716,769

Kitagawa, Midori, Learning Physics in a Synergistic Scaffolded Programming Environment, National Science Foundation 1741756, $1,018,429

Lu, Hongbing, MRI: Acquisition of a 4D Microtomography Apparatus for Nano/microstructured Materials and in-situ Nano/Micromechanics Research, National Science Foundation 1726435, $618,479

Gregg, Robert, CAREER: Recovering and Enhancing Natural Locomotion in Changing Conditions with Powered Lower-Limb Prostheses and Orthoses, National Science Foundation 1652514, $500,000

Thuraisingham, Bhavani, Secure and Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics Curriculum Development, National Science Foundation 1723602, $499,992

Busso, Carlos, RI: Small: Integrative, Semantic-aware, Speech-driven Models for Believable Conversational Agents with Meaningful Behaviors, National Science Foundation 1718944, $494,116

Chan, Julia, Crystallographic Gems to Link Materials’ Properties: Stannides, Germanides, and Antimonides, National Science Foundation 1700030, $444,300

Gupta, Gopal, RI: SMALL: Efficient Implementations of Goal-Directed Solvers for Answer Set Programming, National Science Foundation 1718945, $420,000

Lin, Zhiqiang, SDI-CSCS: Collaborative Research: S2OS Enabling Infrastructure-wide Programmable Security with SDI, National Scientific Foundation 1700507, $400,000

Heelis, Roderick, Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task (SPORT), NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 80MSFC18C0003, $383,567

Vandenberghe, William, CDS&E – ECCS: Plane-wave Electronic TRAnsport (PETRA), National Science Foundation 1710066, $375,000

Gans, Nicholas, Time-Invariant, Multi-Objective Extremum Seeking Control for Model-Free Auto-Tuning of Powered Prosthetic Legs, National Science Foundation 1728057, $373,483

Qian, Dong, Biomechanics Of Noncollagenous Osteocalcin/Osteopontin Protein Complex In Bone, National Science Foundation 1727960, $359,657

Gelb, Lev, CDS&E: Resolving Nonlinearity in Thin Film Chemical Analysis: Roughening, Matrix Effects and Chemical Damage, National Science Foundation 1709667, $345,000

Nosratinia, Aria, Multi-Level Coding in Multi-Node Networks: A Pragmatic Approach to Capacity Limits, National Science Foundation 1711689, $330,000

Quevedo, Manuel, Single Crystal and Thin Film Hybrid Perovskite Materials for Optoelectronic Applications, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research FA9550-18-1-0019, $324,844

Bereg, Sergey, AF: Small: Topological Approximation Techniques in Computational Geometry, National Science Foundation 1718994, $302,454

Beron, Kurt, Research Data Centers: Dallas-Fort Worth, National Science Foundation 1664544, $300,000

Cardenas, Alvaro, NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Measurement and Modeling of Industrial Control Networks, National Science Foundation 1718848, $249,319

Akin, Bilal, Acquisition of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) and Decapsulator for WBG (GaN / SiC) Degradation Monitoring, Office of Naval Research N00014-17-1-2834, $241,175

Iungo, Giacomo, Genesis and Dynamics of Very-large-scale Motions in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and their Interactions with Utility-scale Wind Turbines, National Science Foundation 1705837, $241,175

Valladares, Cesar, Collaborative Research: The Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Using the Low-latitude Ionospheric Sensor Network (LISN) Distributed Observatory, National Science Foundation 1724133, $239,999

Khan, Latifur, CyberSecurity Curricula Development, National Security Agency H98230-17-1-0401, $237,088

Gregg, Robert, NRI: FND: COLLAB: An Open-Source Robotic Leg Platform that Lowers the Barrier for Advanced Prosthetics Research, National Science Foundation 1734600, $193,000

Ware, Taylor, Collaborative Research: Microfabrication and Self-Assembly of Shape-Changing Hydrogels with Chromonic Liquid Crystalline Order, National Science Foundation 1663367, $175,711

Wu, Wei Li, EAGER: Harnessing the Power of Graph Data Analytics, National Science Foundation 1747818, $150,000

Wig, Gagandeep, EAGER: Modifying Human Cognition using Targeted Non-invasive Stimulation of Large-scale Brain Networks, National Science Foundation 1753677, $149,940

Natarajan, Sriraam, SCH: EXP: Intelligent Clinical Decision Support with Probabilistic and Temporal EHR Modeling, National Science Foundation 1806332, $127,346

Wong, Eric, Testing Internet of Things: An Enhanced Combinatorial Testing and Graph-based Technique, National Institute of Standards and Technology 60NANB17D322, $120,000

Gel, Yulia, AMPS: Collaborative Research: Analysis of Local Power Grid Properties: From Network Motifs to Tensors, National Science Foundation 1736368, $115,000

O’Toole, Alice, Automated Identity Masking: Advanced Experimental Design, Analysis, and Non-Facial Confounders, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 4000157754, $110,839

Khan, Latifur, Collaborative Research: ATD: Statistical Detection of New Patterns and Potential Threats in Geospatial Sequences of Social and Political Events, National Science Foundation 1737978, $100,000

The following are awards over $20,000 received by UT Dallas faculty from non-Federal sponsors between September 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017:

O, Kenneth, Foundational Technologies Research Center, Texas Instruments, $984,667

Basak, Chandramallika, SBIR: Plasticity-based Adaptive Cognitive Remediation for Alzheimer’s Disease Phase II, Posit Sciences, Inc., $422,143

Lee, Mark, Silicon CMOS Integrated Circuit Astrolabe for Industrial Applications, Texas Instruments, $289,862

Anderson, William, Mixing in the Texas Coastal Zone through Coordinated Simulations and Field Measurements: The Role of Langmuir Cells in Sediment Suspension and Oil-mineral Aggregation, Texas General Land Office, $279,420

Price, Theodore, SRA: In Situ Hybridization On Human DRG, Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., $195,641

Zielke, Marjorie, Enhancing Officer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) with INSITE, Sam Houston State University, $174,896

Kim, Jiyoung, SRA: Growth of Graphene, Graphite and BN on Dielectrics and Metals for Thermal Dissipation Applications, Texas Instruments, $160,000

Price, Theodore, Screening of Sponsor’s Catalytic Peroxynitrite Neutralizer (CPNNs) Molecules for Efficacy with Respect to the Reduction of Pain in Mouse/Rat Models of Pain Hypersensitivity and Migraine, CerSci Therapeutics Inc., $100,000

Wallace, Robert, Nitridation of High-k Dielectric Nanofilms as a Barrier to Indium and Gallium Diffusion in InGaAs-based MOS Devices, ConTex (University of Texas System and Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de México – CONACYT), $63,750

Kim, Jiyoung, In-situ Electrical Characterization of the Dielectric Deposition Process of T1O2-HfO2 Grown by Atomic Partial Layer Disposition, ConTex (University of Texas System and CONACYT), $54,654

Zheng, Jie, SBIR: Renal Clearable NIR-emitting Gold Nanoparticles for Early Detection of Drug-induced Nephrotoxicity, ClearNano Inc., $49,999

Sirsi, Shashank, SRA: Testing ExEm Foam Kit and Foam Prepared with Said Kit, Giskit, B.V., $49,921

Sirsi, Shashank, Eliminating ex-Vivo Manipulation and Viral Transfection of T-Cells in CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy of B-Cell Malignancies Using Ultrasound-Based Gene Delivery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, $47,942

Chabal, Yves, SRA: ALD Coatings and SAM Layers, Zyvex Labs, LLC, $46,510

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