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Individual researchers are responsible for disclosing to the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) their activities, relationships, and financial interests that may create the appearance of conflict of interest or conflict of commitment. Researchers are also responsible for reporting complete and accurate information to federal funding agencies regarding their research activities, support, and financial interests. Please check the specific funding opportunity announcement and agency policies for each application. Funding agencies that require such disclosure include National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, NASA, and the Department of Defense.

  • Report all research projects to which you commit effort, whether ongoing or proposed, domestic or international, in your funding proposals, progress reports, and technical reports (i.e., Current and Pending Support/Other Support Just-in-Time).  This includes direct support or financial resources provided to you, even if the support does not come through UT Dallas .
  • Request approval for your outside consulting and professional activities through the Activity and Interest Report. Such requests must include all positions or affiliations with domestic and international institutions of higher education or the government or quasi-governmental organizations that involve compensation, commitment of effort, or the promise of financial resources or direct support.
  • Disclose your financial interests that are likely to create the appearance of conflict of interest for your UT Dallas responsibilities through an Activity and Interest Report. Reportable financial interests include stipends, royalties, gifts, travel reimbursements, and other payments received from outside organizations.
  • Disclose your institutional responsibilities that may appear to be biased or unduly influenced by conflict of interest. Responsibilities that may be affected by a conflict of interest include research, purchasing and contract management, student mentoring, facilities use, and management of confidential information and intellectual property. The Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO) will assist you in implementing a management plan to reduce or remove the appearance for conflict.
  • Disclose all outside activities and relationships that overlap with your federally funded research and may create a conflict of commitment. Responsibilities that may be affected by conflict of commitment include your effort committed to the project, your service as a mentor or supervisor of students, trainees, or visiting scholars, and your obligations to manage confidential information, research data, and intellectual property generated and/or used at UT Dallas. ORIO will assist you in implementing a management plan to reduce or remove the appearance for conflict.
  • Promptly alert your department head and the Export Control Officer in the event you believe a collaborator or visitor is misusing their access or relationship with UT Dallas.
  • Provide appropriate supervision for all visiting delegations, sponsor representatives, and visiting scholars that you host to ensure that they are upholding UT Dallas policy and are appropriately using UT Dallas resources.
  • Comply with US export control regulations when doing any of the following: accepting publication restrictions in research; traveling internationally and attending conferences; participating in international collaborations; using proprietary information; working with international staff and students; hosting international visitors; shipping materials internationally; or engaging in any international transactions.

Investigators engaging in research activities and relationships outside of the US must pay particular attention to the following proposal and/or progress reporting requirements:

  • Identification of Foreign Components in funding applications;
  • Listing non-U.S. performance sites and international partners;
  • Including foreign relationships and activities in biographical documents;
  • Responding to application questions about the involvement of  international activities or partnerships with international collaborators;
  • Identifying foreign financial resources available in direct support of the project;
  • Reporting inventions to federal sponsors in progress reports; and,
  • Indicating changes in external relationships or support in progress reports.

Additional Resources

Please contact the Conflict of Interest office ( for more information or if you have any questions .