The Office of Research and Innovation Core Facilities (RCF) are organized into several cores:

Imaging and Histology Core

The core houses state-of-the-art instruments and technology for researchers on-campus and external users to provide affordable support for basic research and translational research in biological and interdisciplinary sciences. This core facility is operated by Office of Research and Innovation and employs dedicated full-time technical staff to operate and maintain the equipment. The Histology Core provides support for processing and embedding of tissue samples, sectioning and slide preparation, cell culture, and sample imaging.  The Imaging Core houses advanced imaging systems, including an electron microscope, confocal laser scanning microscopes, a multiphoton intravital imaging system, and various other optical microscopes.

Genome Center

The UTD Genome Center offers a high-level of expertise in next generation sequencing technology to support research at the University of Texas at Dallas and across the North Dallas area. We provide sample QC, as well as library preparation and sequencing service for Next Generation Sequencing using Nextseq 500 sequencer. We are equipped with the state-of-art instruments for preparing high quality samples for NGS, including a Fragment analyzer, Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer, and QuantStudio 6. Also, a Fluidigm C1 system is available for single-cell sequencing and QuantStudio 6 is available for multiplexing PCR in 384-well block format.

Molecular and Protein Analysis Core

The core provides support for spectroscopic and analytical work for proteins and polymers, and is open to internal and external users. The core houses a large number of dedicated instruments such as the 600MHz NMR and cryo-TEM, Agilent spectrometers, and various plate readers. The core is well equipped with various instruments to analyze solids, liquids, and thin-film samples.

Flow Cytometry Core

The UTD Flow Cytometry or Cell Characterization core offers flow cytometry support to researchers on campus, external users, and is located in the NSERL building. Currently there is a BDAria Fusion for sorting and BDFortessa for analysis. Additional services include assistance in panel design, experimental design, and troubleshooting.

Mass Spectrometry Core

The Mass Spectrometry Core (MSC) facility maintained and operated by Office of Research and Innovation provides services and expertise for the analysis of small and large molecules to users across campus and to external users. Currently, the MSC facility consists of Agilent GCMS and SHIMADZU MALDI system.

General and Contact Information

Training is required to access and use instruments in RCF. More information on how to get access to RCF can be found here. Core specific services and rates associated with training and instrument use, instrument reservation, and policies can be found on their respective pages.

To schedule an equipment reservation, please visit the Lab Resources Scheduler.

Please contact Jimmy Gowrisanker, Director of RCF, or at 972-883-4587 for more information.