Below are FAQs regarding mass spectrometry services at the UTD. The list is not exhaustive. Please contact massspec@utdallas for further information should you need it.

Where are mass spec instruments located?

The instruments are located at BSB 11.533 (LCMS) and BSB 11.682 (MALDI)

How to access Research Core Facilities?

What is Mass Spectrometry?

Click here to read about Mass Spectrometry.

What is a typical GCMS sample preparation procedure?

Usually, biological samples require isolation and modification steps before they are suitable for measurement by mass spectrometry. The modification step is performing the derivatization of a sample to change the analytes properties for better separation and enhance method sensitivity.

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When is instrument training conducted, and how do I obtain training?

 Instrument training is by appointment (

The length of time required for a training session depends on which instrument you are being trained on. A typical 3-4 hours are expected. During training, the operational principles and procedures for the instrument will be explained. A printed handout will be provided before the training.  A pre-recorded training video will be available if you can’t attend the training in person.

What is the procedure for instrument time booking?

To reserve an instrument, please visit the Lab Resources Scheduler. You need to provide the Faculty Supervisor/Sponsor name and a valid Cost Center number to complete the reservation.

First, you have to complete training on the device with the staff to book time on one of the self-service instruments. Then, you will be entered into the on-line instrument scheduling system and will be allowed to log in with your NetID.

Instrument time is reserved using the lab resources scheduler.

If you cannot make your appointment, cancel your reservation time on the scheduler before it commences so that others may use the instrument.

What are the costs for sample analyses?

All fees in $/hr unless otherwise noted. The minimum reservation time is 30min.

User Fee – GCMS, for example, is $35/hr internal user fee for using the instrument with some staff assistance. For LCMS service, the fee can be found here.

Service Fee – $60/hr, the staff runs the sample on the instruments.

Training Fee – $60/hr per trainee.

Why did you charge me when I didn’t get a successful result?

We charge for every sample run, regardless of whether a result is expected. The only exception to this rule is where processing or instrument problems in the core have caused the lack of result.

What is NIST?

Click here to read about the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

What are helpful sites for Mass Spectrometry?



What are helpful Journals?

Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry

Molecular and Cellular Proteomics

What are suppliers of stable isotopically labeled compounds?

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories