One of the most frequently asked questions from Principal Investigators is what to do in order to extend a project without additional funds. The answer to that question depends on the source of funding. The following should assist in answering that question.

Federal Funds – If the award is from a Federal sponsor and the terms and conditions of the award are noted as Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP), the University has the option of extending the project for a period up to 12 months without having to contact the sponsor for permission. The following sponsors usually issue FDP awards: National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency. If you want an extension on a project which qualifies under the above conditions, contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

If the one-year extension has already been used, subsequent extension requests must be submitted through OSP. The request should be in writing and should provide a justification for the extension. The justification should relate to the completion of the scientific objectives, not to spend remaining funds. Requests for no cost extensions to NSF must be submitted through FastLane. Sponsor approved no cost extensions must be submitted prior to the expiration date of the grant. NSF requires that the request be submitted 45 days prior to expiration. Please note that these requests generally take one to two months to process and approve. Consider the processing time when deciding when to submit your request. Non-Federal Requests for extension should be submitted in writing and routed through OSP. The requests should include a programmatic justification for the extension. The University has no provision for extending these projects without sponsor approval. As with federal awards, these requests should be made prior to the expiration date and with ample lead-time. A three-month lead time is suggested in order to have an approved extension prior to the original expiration date.

Change of Principal Investigator

If a change of principal investigator is required on a project, a letter must be sent to the sponsor. The letter should be endorsed by the current PI, the proposed PI, and OSP. The letter also should outline the qualifications of the new PI. Approval from the respective Deans will also be necessary.

Leave of Absence

If a PI plans to be away from the University and has a sponsored project, the PI will need to notify OSP, who will need to notify the sponsor in writing of the absence. The notification will need to address how the PI plans to maintain oversight of the project during the absence. This letter needs to be signed by OSP.

Workflow Chart

If you see a post award issue not listed please see the Office of Post Award Management.

For additional information, please see the FAQ page.