There are a variety of organizations on campus who can help researchers develop and enhance their outreach and diversity plans. Below are some ideas and contacts to help with planning. However, the OSP staff is always available to help with planning and making contacts.

Increasing participation of underrepresented groups

Grant proposal writing tip:
When discussing increasing the number of underrepresented groups, it helps to have information on the current numbers minorities/women at UT Dallas. Contact the Office of Strategic Analysis (OSPA) for these numbers.

Outreach to students

  • Mentor undergraduate or graduate students, especially their involvement in a professional conference.
  • Work with the organizers of the several summer camps for physics, chemistry, and engineering that Dallas hosts. Include yourself in the teaching, tours, and activities. See here for a full listing.
  • If planning your own camp, Residential Life has a “one-stop shop” to provide prices and access to housing, dining, parking, and other needs. Contact the Assistant Director of Residential Life for more information.
  • Develop teaching media to enhance an existing class at UT Dallas. Work with the Student Success Center to develop teaching material for target classes or tutoring programs (specifically calculus and chemistry).

Outreach to the general public

  • Write an article for a lay publication OR interview on local radio program such as Think on KERA.
  • For writing an op-ed piece for multiple newspapers/publications (or other media outreach) related to research and its role in community, contact the Office of Communications. Each school has a liaison you can contact and work with for other media outreach.
  • Consider exhibiting a display or activity at a local library or school.
  • Want to help mentor undergraduate students? Contact the Undergraduate Education Dean’s Office to see how to join their programs.
  • Contact the Office of Development regarding contacts within corporations or industries that could benefit from your research.