The purpose of the Master’s Research Fellowship Program (MRFP) is to encourage UT Dallas master’s students to engage in research while performing their studies while increasing the interactions between faculty members and research oriented master’s students. This program recognizes and supports outstanding students who are pursuing a full-time research-based master’s degree in any discipline offered at UT Dallas and are collaborating with one or more of our faculty members. The MRFP provides scholarship support for the prospective Fellow to perform a project that fosters exploration of a research topic under the mentorship of a UT Dallas faculty member.

Award Information

The award amount is $1,500 offered as scholarship for summer 2020. Fellowship applications must be submitted by the prospective Fellow. While on-site laboratory engagement is not prohibited, it is expected that most projects will be performed remotely. The faculty mentor must agree to provide mentorship to the prospective Fellow before an application is accepted as complete. Only one application per prospective Fellow per submission cycle will be accepted. Applicants must submit their application at the link on this page.


Submission Deadline: June 22, 2020

Eligibility Guidelines

Prospective Fellows must be enrolled in a master’s degree program at UT Dallas. This program is open to both domestic and international students who currently are not earning financial support as research assistants or through internships.

Required Submission Materials

Proposal documents (preferably in PDF format) should have 1-inch margins and use a 12-point font.

  1. Applicant Information. Name, net-ID, master’s program, current GPA.
  2. Summary. In 400 words or less describe the research topic, the potential impact, and the collaboration for a general audience.
  3. Mentor Name and Affiliation. A letter of support and/or email from the faculty mentor indicating his or her willingness to mentor the proposed project.
  4. Deliverable. Specify whether a paper, presentation, or other product will emerge from the experience. Indicate when the product will be delivered to the faculty mentor.
  5. Other considerations. In 200 words or less, indicate the extent which this opportunity provides important financial support for the prospective Fellow.

Application Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

MRFP applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of UT Dallas faculty. Applicants will receive a numerical rank (5=highly meritorious and recommended for funding, 1=low priority for application consideration). Awards will be announced within 2 weeks following the completion of the reviews and funding will be available soon after.