The following programs are not available at this time.

Collaborative Biomedical Research Award (CoBRA)

The UT Dallas Collaborative Biomedical Research Award (CoBRA) grant program is a funding mechanism designed to stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations between faculty at UT Dallas and the UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) that will lead to external funding. Supported and led by the Office of Research and Innovation, this program will be offered annually pending the availability of resources. Successful proposals will include faculty members serving as PIs from both UT Dallas and UTSW.

Major Extramural Grant Award (MEGA)

The UT Dallas M.E.G.A. (Major Extramural Grant Award) Grant Competition is an internal funding mechanism designed to support the pursuit of a major extramural funding opportunity. These funds will enable acquisition of new equipment, group/meeting coordination and travel, and/or performance of key experiments to best position UT Dallas faculty to compete for large awards. In addition, funds can be used to support a fraction of summer salary or a negotiated buy-out of teaching obligations for one or more faculty on the team to focus on assembling a major funding proposal. The targeted extramural award must have a total budget to UT Dallas of no less than $6M for the total award period and must include full indirect costs.

Strategic Center Investment (SCI) Program

The UT Dallas Strategic Center Investment (SCI) Grant Program is an internal funding mechanism designed to seed innovative centers that aggregate collaborative faculty to address problems of significance. For the purposes of this program, the proposed center will be housed and report to at least one school within UT Dallas. Cooperation between schools with secondary and perhaps tertiary participation is encouraged.

DC Symposium Grant Competition

Symposiums in the Washington D.C. area offer an opportunity to convene scientists, engineers, and scholars from academia and industry with policymakers and program managers within the federal government. The Office of Research and Innovation seeks proposals for symposiums that are led by The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) faculty but hosted in Washington, D.C., utilizing The University of Texas System Space (1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 900) which provides accommodations for approximately 50 individuals. It is expected that the symposium will bring thought leaders from within and outside of UT Dallas with the goal of influencing the formation of new programmatic research opportunities or funding mechanisms in an important area of inquiry. However, UT Dallas faculty should be leaders in the field related to the symposium topic. Symposiums that focus on the review of academic programs, curriculum development, university operations, or teaching methodologies will not be supported through this mechanism.

Core Facilities Voucher Program (CFVP)

This is an internal funding program designed to enable facility access to faculty whose project is not yet externally funded.