Symposiums in the Washington D.C. area offer an opportunity to convene scientists, engineers, and scholars from academia and industry with policy makers and program managers within the federal government. The Office of Research and Innovation seeks proposals for symposiums that are led by The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) faculty, but hosted in Washington, D.C., utilizing The University of Texas System Space (1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 900) which provides accommodations for approximately 50 individuals.  It is expected that the symposium will bring thought leaders from within and outside of UT Dallas with the goal of influencing the formation of new programmatic research opportunities or funding mechanisms in an important area of inquiry. However, UT Dallas faculty should be leaders in the field related to the symposium topic. Symposiums that focus on the review of academic programs, curriculum development, university operations, or teaching methodologies will not be supported through this mechanism.

Award Information

Typical budget requests are expected to be no more than $50,000, although larger budgets will be considered with appropriate justification. The Office of Research and Innovation anticipates supporting one symposium to take place in the late Fall of 2020 or early Spring of 2021. Once selected, the proposal applicant and their department administrative staff are expected to provide symposium leadership while coordinating with the Office of Research and Innovation Event Staff for preliminary, mid-way, and final check-in meetings.


Submission Deadline:

We are not accepting proposals at this time

Eligibility Guidelines

A successful Symposium Grant proposal will demonstrate the following:

  • The symposium PI will have a primary UT Dallas appointment and be a tenured/tenure-track faculty member.
  • Adjunct faculty, affiliate faculty, visiting researchers, and postdocs are not eligible to serve as either PI or co-PIs, but may participate in the symposium.
  • The duration of the Symposium Grant award is no more than 12 months.
  • Faculty PI or co-PI with greater than $200,000 in chair, start-up, or research enhancement accounts are expected to provide significant co-funding for the symposium.
  • A faculty member may submit only one Symposium Grant proposal as PI or co-PI during each submission opportunity.
  • Faculty participating in the review process are not eligible to apply concurrently for a Symposium Grant.

Allowable Expenses

  • Publication/marketing costs
  • Sponsored lunch and/or coffee
  • Supplies directly related to the symposium
  • Travel support for speakers

Unallowable Expenses

  • Faculty, student or administrative salary and/or benefits (neither academic year nor summer support permitted)
  • Transfer of funds to institutions or individuals outside of UT Dallas
  • Indirect costs

Required Submission Materials

Proposal documents should have 1-inch margins and use a 12-point font.

  • Summary. In 300 words or less describe the symposium and the potential impact of the research area for a general audience.
  • Proposal. Limited to two pages with the following section headings in sequence.
    • Organizers’ Name(s), Affiliations, and Contact Information
    • Symposium Title
    • Anticipated Symposium Date Range
    • Marketing plan for the Symposium
    • Background:  What is the scientific research topic area? What is the goal of the symposium? What is the impact of the symposium if successful? Why is UT Dallas prepared to lead?
    • Structure: Desired symposium format and inclusion of any external speakers
    • Expertise: Disciplines (e.g., molecular biology, mechanical engineering, business, etc.) supporting a solution to the driving problem
    • Speakers: Candidates with the intent to participate
    • Budget: External speaker travel and lodging, if any. Describe any co-funding sources and amounts
    • Duration: Half-day or full-day
    • Estimated Number of Attendees

Awardee Requirements

Upon award, you must submit the following information to the Office of Research and Innovation:

  • Within one month of completion of the symposium, provide a one page summary of the symposium with the background, goal, description of attendees, and outcomes.
  • Upon request, provide subject matter expertise by participating on a review panel for future Symposium Grant competitions.

Other Terms and Conditions

Funds expire and must be used for the designated purpose within 12 months of award such that no carryover of funds will be permitted unless approval has been provided by the Office of Research and Innovation. Any unused funds must be returned to the Office of Research and Innovation.

Contact Us

For further information please contact Suzanne Head.