The UT Dallas Research Data Center (RDC) Grant is an internal funding mechanism designed to encourage the development of proposals to conduct research in the DFW-RDC that have a strong likelihood of leading to external funding.

UT Dallas is a consortium member of the DFW Federal Statistical Research Data Center.  Federal Statistical RDC’s provide access for approved researchers and projects to use selected non-public, government and other data under secure conditions.  The DFW-RDC opened October 2018 and is located at 2200 N Pearl Street Dallas, TX in the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.

Supported and led by the Office of Research, this program will be offered annually pending the availability of resources. PIs who accept a UT Dallas Research Data Center Grant commit to the pursuit of external funding within 12 to 18 months of receiving the Research Data Center Grant funding. Activities that are not eligible for support through this mechanism include consulting, dissertation completion, research/analysis pertaining to the operation of UT Dallas, and curriculum development. Graduate students working with the PI on related dissertation research are permitted.

Award Information

  • The maximum allowable budget is $10,000.
  • The duration of the Research Data Center Grant award is 12-18 months.
  • Selected proposals will be awarded pening the approval of the appropriate federal agency.


Proposal Deadline: To be determined

Eligibility Guidelines 

  • The PI and if applicable, co-PI must have a primary UT Dallas appointment and must be either tenured/tenure-track or a Center Director.
  • Adjunct faculty, affiliate faculty, visiting researchers, and postdocs are not eligible to serve as either PI or co-PIs but may be participate in the proposed project.
  • The proposal must provide compelling evidence that one or more external funding opportunities exist that are relevant for the proposed work. The funding levels should substantially exceed that which is provided by the Research Data Center Grant mechanism.
  • The timeline for submitting a Research Data Center Grant application should be 12 to 18 months ahead of the team’s anticipated submission to one or more target external grant programs.
  • Faculty with greater than $200,000 in chair, start-up, or research enhancement accounts are not eligible to serve as PI or co-PI.
  • A faculty member may submit only one Research Data Center Grant proposal as a PI or co-PI during each submission opportunity.
  • The PI must get feedback about the research project from the DFWRDC administrator (Samuel Bondurant).

Allowable Expenses

  • Supplies, equipment, reagents, and publication costs
  • Graduate student tuition and stipend
  • Postdoctoral or Research Scientist support and benefits
  • Travel, conference/workshop attendance, or conference/workshop hosting for team-building to support the proposal submission for external funding.
  • Non-Census data related fees.

Unallowable Expenses

  • Faculty salary and/or benefits (neither academic year nor summer support permitted)
  • Transfer of funds to institutions or individuals outside of UT Dallas
  • Administrative or secretarial support
  • Indirect costs

Required Submission Materials

  • Proposal.   
    • Abstract.  One page description of the project including research idea and benefits to Census (and/or other agencies, if required).
    • Rationale and Vision. Explain the goal of the research, including proposed research question(s)
    • Identify the data set(s) to be used. Explain why the use of confidential RDC data (www.dfwrdc.org/data/) is required and why publicly available data is not sufficient to meet the proposals objectives.
      • Research Strategy/Project Description. Must address:
      • Benefit to Census Bureau/other agencies as required
      • Scientific Merit.  How will the projet contribute to exisiting knowledge?
      • Methodology. Describe your approach or methodology to the research project and your expected output including plans for disclosure avoidance review.
    • Project Timeline.  Duration of proposed project.
    • Participating Personnel. List participating faculty members providing a clear explanation of each member’s role in the project and explain why each has the background and abilities to pursue the research project.  Also list any graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and/or research scientists.
    • State whether there has been prior discussion with the DFWRDC administrator (Samuel Bondurant) and provide a summary of those discussions.
  • External Funding Opportunities. Limited to one page, summarize the external funding opportunities for which the Research Data Center Grant will enable the pursuit of external funding.  Include a timeline with milestones for development of one or more external proposals, names of potential sponsoring agenices and solicitations and relevant deadlines for those agencies.
  • Budget. Limited to two pages, provide a table with each expenditure category and line item description.
  • Budget Justification. Limited to three pages, provide a justification for all expenditures.
  • CVs/Biosketches. Provide NIH/NSF format biosketches for the faculty PIs.

Application Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

Research Data Center Grant applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of DFW-RDC members and UT Dallas faculty with relevant scientific, technical, and research experience. Applicants will receive a brief list of strengths and weaknesses with a numerical rank (5=highly meritorious and recommended for funding, 1=low priority for application consideration). Awards will be announced following the completion of the reviews and pending Census Review and funding will be available soon after.

Awardee Requirements

Upon award, you must submit the following information to the Vice President for Research:

  1. Within 1 month of award, one page text with graphic representing of the project and team. The document must be suitable for presentation on the Office of Research website.
  2. Within 10 months of receiving the award: A two-page progress report including research outcomes, other outcomes (manuscripts submitted/presented, conferences, etc.), and progress toward securing external funding. If either research progression or plans toward submission of proposals for external funding has been impacted, a clear explanation for the delay and a mitigation plan is required.
  3. Upon request, provide subject matter expertise by participating on a review panel for future Research Data Center Grant competitions.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Funds will not be released until all necessary compliance related approvals and/or training are acquired, such as IRB, IACUC, IBC, RCR and COI.
  • Funds expire and must be used within 12-18 months of award such that no carryover of funds will be permitted unless approval has been provided by the Office of Research. Any unused funds must be returned to the Office of Research.
  • Failure to comply with items 1 and 2 of the Awardee Requirements will result in suspension of seed grant funding and faculty becoming ineligible for future seed grant competitions from the Office of Research.
  • The Research Data Center Grant award must be acknowledged in any resulting publications, exhibitions, or events, including press releases, using the following language: “This project was funded (or partially funded) by The University of Texas at Dallas Office of Research through the Research Data Center Grant Program.”