Guidance for Emergencies 

For life threatening emergencies call 911 or campus police / campus medical at ext. 2222.

ALL injuries or occupational illness must be reported immediately to your supervisor, the Safety team (ext. 7200), and Risk Management (ext. 2369).

Anyone on the UTD campus may activate the University Emergency Medical Response (UEMR) unit, who serves the UT Dallas community by providing faster and more direct emergency medical care for everyone on campus.  Call 972-883-2222 or dial 2222 from any campus phone.

Undergraduate Students may seek medical attention at the Student Health Center (SSB 4.700), call ext. 2747.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students should consult with Risk Management to identify where they may seek medical attention.

Hospitals and ER Clinics should only be visited for serious injuries.

Notice to Employees: When seeking off campus medical attention – do not pay for services. Inform the facility that this is a Workers’ Compensation claim. The facility can contact Annette Rogers (972-883-2369). You must submit a copy of the visit documentation/discharge paperwork when reporting the incident to Risk Management.

Please visit Risk Management for more information.

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