Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Policy

Continuity management is ensuring the continuity or uninterrupted provision of critical operations and services. It is an ongoing process with several complementary elements, including disaster recovery.

UT Dallas’ mission is to continue research, teaching and public service despite potentially disruptive events. In order to achieve this capability, the Office of Emergency Management and Continuity (OEMCP) Planning directs a comprehensive disaster management and continuity of operations program that incorporates elements of safety, disaster preparedness and recovery for all University units.

Plan for the Unexpected

Our work is vulnerable to unplanned events. Although UT Dallas hopes a disaster plan is never needed, we want to be prepared for unexpected events. A continuity plan describes:

  • How we might carry on our teaching, research and service functions under conditions of diminished resources: loss of space, equipment, IT infrastructure and/or people.
  • How we might resume these functions if they have been interrupted by an unplanned event.
  • How we can prepare: A good continuity plan will include a list of action items to limit our vulnerability, lessen damage and ease our recovery.

The purpose of having a continuity plan is to ensure:

  • Continuation of department/division.
  • Succession of key personnel.
  • Disruptions to operations are reduced.
  • Services are resumed, e.g.: teaching, research and public service.
  • A timely recovery is achieved.
  • Financial losses are minimized.

Continuity Planning for Laboratories and Research Facilities

To help mitigate the damage or recovery time after a disaster or disruptive event occurs, the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach and the Office of Emergency Management and Continuity Planning (OEMCP) encourages laboratories and research facilities to develop their own Continuity Plan.

For more information or assistance in developing a plan, please contact the Office of Emergency Management and Continuity Planning at or visit their website.