Funding Cost Share


Cost Sharing is a committed resource(s) NOT funded within a research agreement. This cost share is funded by a departmental account.

NOTE: The cost share must be established and supplied to OPM by the department before an award cost share center is requested.

All grants require the Dean’s approval for Cost Share prior to submitting to OPM.


Types of Cost Share

There are three types of Cost Share as illustrated in the following diagram. Common examples include salary costs in excess of the NIH salary cap, as well as committed, but unfunded effort.

OPM uses the following steps to manage Cost Share for Grants.


Using the Commitment Control tool, enter Budget Journal, OPM budgets the project. Any time that Cost Share is included with your grant, you need to account for that funding on a Cost Center’s Operating Expense Ledger. Determine which of the Accounts (A5 and A6) that you need to make adjustments.

Use the following instructions to create a Budget Expense Adjustment Journal.

1. Click “Add a New Value” page. Make sure Business Unit is DAL01. Journal ID is Next. Journal Date is today's date. Click “ADD” button.
2. Click the Ledger Group field and select OEA Operating Expense Level A.
3. Click “Budget Entry Type”. Select Adjustment.
4. Go to “Long Description”. Type detailed justification for doing budget adjustment.
5. Click “Budget Lines” tab.
6. Go to Line 1 under ChartFields and Amounts; use Budget Period 2010-11. Enter in Budget Period, SpeedType, Account (A5NNN or A6NNN) and Amount (-10.00). The Amount is ALWAYS a negative dollar value.
7. Click “Save” button. Correct any highlighted errors. Click Save button again.
8. Click “Budget Pre-Check” on Process. Click “Process” button.
9. Click Yes button.
10. Click “Approval Tab”. Click Submit button.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure, contact Office of Post Award Management at ext. 4540 or via email at

Issued: June 2015