On August 22, 2019, the Office of Research hosted the 2nd annual Weeks of Welcome Poster Competition. Students from the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics presented recent work to a campus audience.

The competition was held at Blackstone Launchpad, a co-working and event space established with a $1M grant from the world’s largest private equity firm, Blackstone.
Shawhin Talebi presents his work on Modeling Autonomic Pupillary Responses from External Stimuli Using Machine Learning.
Answering questions from guests, Lian Cao presents her work.
Sameera Abeyrathna draws attention to figures on his presentation.
Tarjani Shukla stands next to her poster Restoration of translational homeostatis by eFT-508 rescues behavioral deficits in a model of Fragile X syndrome.
Alessandra Sealander
Chenglong Duan
Lian Cao and Chantal Vidal next to their posters.
Junpeng Hou
Noushin Akhavantabib

Chantal Vidal presents her poster on Altered Heme Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease Pathogenesis to a guest.
Kara Kassees with Melanie Bowler as she explains her poster on The Influence of Lithium Additives in Small Molecule Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells.
Junpeng Hou discusses his poster on Superfluid-Quasicrystal in a Bose-Einstein condensate.
Morgan Ullrich shares her poster A Novel Heterotrimeric Complex Involved in Sod1 Maturation.
Dr. Joseph Pancrazio and First Place Winner Tahmineh Pirshahid discussing work.
Students engaged in Tahmineh Pirshahid’s poster on Evaluation of the COX-2 pathway as a therapeutic target for recurrent urinary tract infections.
Lian Cao is excited to share her research on A Novel MYC Enhancer RNA Interacts with the Nascent Pre-mRNA and Mature Ribosome-associated mRNA to Facilitate MYC Expression.
From left to right, front to back, Moutusee Islam, Tahmineh Pirshahid, Shawhin Talebi, NS&M Dean Dr. Bruce Novak, and Vice President for Research Dr. Joseph Pancrazio.

You can view the submitted posters here.