We welcome occupants to hold events or meetings in BSB and NSERL. Before reserving your event, make sure to review BSB/NSERL Event Guidelines. If you are interested in reserving a conference room, you must contact your department delegate to assist with room reservations and room capacities. In addition, the event organizer must review and submit the Event Reservation Form to the building security guard.

PLEASE NOTE: With your request, make sure to include your list of attendees. If this is not included, your guests will need to sign in as visitors and be escorted by their host to the event space.

Any events scheduled beyond regular hours of operation (7 AM – 5 PM) and/or supersedes the space capacity will require a Public Safety Officer (PSO) present. In these cases, an event registration form will be required.

Conference Room Reservations – Department Delegates


Department Contact
Material Science Michele Brown
Other Departments Jamesha Townsend


Departments Contacts
Bioengineering Karen Garcia, Rebecca Cedillo, Freda Chen, Sarita Prabhakar
Biology Shawanda Dunagin, Kathryn Craddock
Chemistry Linda Heard
Neuroscience Autumn Howell
TxBDC Ana Zysko, Shawn Roberts
Other Departments Jamesha Townsend

Atrium Events

The atriums in BSB are reservable event space. If you are interested in reserving an atrium, contact Shannon Gaspard with event details and number of attendees. Based on scope of event, Research Facilities Operations will determine if a PSO is required.

Once approved, make sure to submit the Event Registration Form and be as specific as possible (note whether a PSO is required). This form will be routed to the appropriate departments for review and approval. Once fully received then reviewed, your event will be reserved.


Atriums Capacities
1st Floor 30
2nd Floor 20
3rd Floor 20
4th Floor 25

For any questions regarding atrium reservations, contact Shannon Gaspard.