Dr. Theodore J Price

Natl Institutes of Health

Human Nociceptor and Spinal Cord Molecular Signature Center

Dr. Francesca Mapua Filbey

The University of Texas SW Medical Ctr.

The Medical District UTSW-D FIRST Program (admin core)

Dr. Chuanwei Zhang

Dr. Chuanwei Zhang

Natl Science Foundation

ExpandQISE: Track 2: Neutral Atom Based Quantum Information Processing

Dr. Phillip Charles Anderson


Thermal Plasma Sensor (TPS) Phase A/B Bridge for the Geospace Dynamics Constellation

Kelli Palmer

Dr. Kelli L Palmer

Natl Institutes of Health

Roles of Novel Cationic Lipids in Bacterial Pathogenesis

Dr. Theodore Moise

Co-PI: Dr. Anne Balsamo, Dr. Bruce Gnade, Dr. Walter Voit
US Dept of Educ

North Texas Semiconductor Workforce Development Consortium

Dr. Fabiano Da Silveira Rodrigues

Natl Science Foundation

MRI: Development of a Frequency Agile Multistatic Radio System for Geospace Imaging

Dr. Michael D Burton

Natl Institutes of Health

Mechanisms Involved in Postoperative Recovery: A Focus on Pain, Delirium, and Neuroinflammation

Dr. Yichen Ding

Natl Institutes of Health

Volumetric Imaging and Computation to Characterize Cardiac Electromechanical Coupling

Dr. Polimyr Caesar Dave Pelisco Dingal

Natl Institutes of Health

Natural and Synthetic Mechanisms of Ligand Formation

Dr. Danieli Balbueno C Rodrigues

Natl Institutes of Health

Multifunctional Ionic Liquid Application for Treatment of Peri-implant Diseases

Dr. Catherine A Thorn

Natl Institutes of Health

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Activation of Dopaminergic Nuclei

Dr. Stephen D Levene

Natl Institutes of Health

Biophysical, Topological, and Functional Studies of Endogenous Circular DNAs

Dr. John Hart Jr

Congressionally Directed Medical Research

Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Multiple Sclerosis with High-Definition Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

Dr. Patrick T Brandt

Co-PI: Dr. Latifur Khan
Natl Science Foundation

Frameworks: Infrastructure For Political And Social Event Data using Machine Learning

Dr. Shuang Cui

US Dept of Energy

Non-Evaporative Drying of Porous Materials Using Thermo-Responsive Polymer/Felt Composites

Dr. Amy Victoria Walker

Co-PI: Dr. Courtney Brecheen, Dr. Yvette Pearson, Dr. Joshua Summers
Natl Science Foundation

Improving Transfer Academic, Career and Community Engagement for Student Success (IT ACCESS) in Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Michael D Burton

Co-PI: Dr. Benedict Kolber
Natl Institutes of Health

MARC Program at the University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Joseph Boll

Natl Institutes of Health

Reinforcing the Barrier: Understanding How Cell Envelope Modifications Promote Intrinsic Antimicrobial Tolerance and Resistance in Acinetobacter Baumannii

Amy Pinkham

Dr. Amy Pinkham

University of California San Diego (Natl Institutes of Health)

iTEST: Introspective Accuracy as a Novel Target for Functioning in Psychotic Disorders

Dr. Andrea Fumagalli

Co-PI: Dr. Shengwang Du, Dr. Miguel Razo-Razo, Dr. Chuanwei Zhang
Natl Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: CNS Core: Medium: TeTON: A Testbed and a Toolkit for Expediting Investigation of and Accelerating Advancements in All-Optical Neural Networks