On November 4, 2021, the Office of Research and Innovation hosted the 3rd annual New Faculty Research Symposium. This events provides an opportunity for new faculty members to showcase their research in a “three-minute thesis” style forum, while established faculty consider possible intersections of research interests for collaboration. 

From Left to Right: Dr. Lauren Pinson, Dr. Kyle McCall, Dr. Anne Burton, and Dr. Darshan Sapkota
From Left to Right: Dr. Waseem Abbas, Dr. Anton Sobolev, Dr. Shuang Chi, Dr. Jessica Hanson-Defusco, and Dr. Mandy Maguire

Dr. Musselman welcomes the audience of faculty and staff attendees

Dr. McGuire, emcee for the event, introducing the next speaker

From Left to Right: Dr. Laura Kim, Dr. Gu Eon Kang, Dr. Andrew Krajweski, and Dr. Yunan Wu
Dr. Krajweski, Assistant Professor of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, addresses the audience
Dr. Purni Joshi, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, speaks on stem cell research
Faculty mingling during the reception
Dr. Joseph Pancrazio and Dr. Kimberly Hill
From Left to Right: Dr. Shuang Chi, Dr. Kyle McCall, and Dr. William Vandenberghe
Dr. Gu Eon Kang and Dr. Benedict Kolber
Dr. Joseph Pancrazio and Dr. Hedieh Torabifard