Deadline for proposal submission: March 9, 2018

In an effort to promote collaboration, the Office of the Provost at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) is supporting the development and implementation of workshops that bring together faculty and students from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW) and UT Dallas.

Proposals for workshops are sought from UTSW and UT Dallas faculty in which a driving clinical and/or scientific problem is identified and a team approach has the possibility for impact. For eligibility, proposals must have budgets that do not exceed $5,000. In addition, the planned workshop date must fall between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019. Examples of potential topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Tissue engineering and biomaterials
  • Next generation contrast agents for biomedical imaging
  • “Big Data” approaches for biomedical sciences
  • Gaming and simulation for biomedicine
  • Advancing novel, non-opioid pain therapeutics

Once selected, the proposal applicant(s) is expected to provide workshop leadership, and UT Dallas will provide support for conducting the workshop as well as assistance in identifying potential collaborative faculty. The half-day or day-long workshop is expected to bring thematically-related participants together to not only identify scientific/engineering approaches to driving problems, but also to propose the team combination necessary to address the driving problem. While the agenda should primarily consist of speakers from UTSW and UT Dallas, inclusion of external speakers (no more than two) may be appropriate to bring additional knowledge and expertise to the discussion. Plans emerging from the workshops may be considered for seed funding.

For a workshop to be considered for support, a proposal must be submitted to Dr. Joseph J. Pancrazio ( by no later than March 9, 2018. The proposal, which is expected to be a maximum of two pages, must include the following:

  • Organizers’ Name(s), Affiliations, and Contact Information
  • Workshop Title
  • Anticipated Workshop Date Range
  • Statement of Motivation and Context: driving clinical/scientific problem, background describing significance, and why a team-based, cross-institution approach can have impact
  • Structure: envisioned format for the workshop and inclusion of any external speakers
  • Expertise: disciplines (e.g., molecular biology, mechanical engineering, business, etc.) that are expected to offer contributions leading to a solution to the driving problem
  • Speakers: candidate speakers who might be identified to participate
  • Budget: external speaker travel and lodging, if any. Budget requests are limited to $5,000
  • Duration: half-day or full-day
  • Expected Number of Attendees