The Center Stage Seminar Series events showcase the brilliant research taking place at The University of Texas at Dallas Centers.

In this Center Stage Seminar Series event, Dr. Reza Moheimani, Professor of Systems Engineering, Founder and Director of the Center for Atomically Precise Fabrication of Solid-State Quantum Devices at The University of Texas at Dallas, explains the research taking place at his center. 

Reza Moheimani currently holds the James Von Ehr Distinguished Chair in Science and Technology in the Department of Systems Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas with appointments in the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Departments. His current research interests include applications of control and estimation in high-precision mechatronic systems, high-speed scanning probe microscopy and atomically precise manufacturing of solid-state quantum devices. Dr. Moheimani is a Fellow of IEEE, IFAC and the Institute of Physics, U.K. He is a recipient of several awards, including the IFAC Nathaniel B. Nichols Medal and the IEEE Control Systems Technology Award. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Mechatronics.