Dr. Mona Ghassemi received an $881,731 award from the United States Department of Energy for her research on High Power Density Cost Effective MC DC Aircraft Cable. This project focuses on developing an electric power system (EPS) for use in an all electric aircraft (AEA) that can safely operate in high-altitude and low-pressure environments.

Research on anticipated innovations such as shaped wire compact concentric-lay-stranded aluminum (AAC/TW) conductors, a multifunctional insulation system containing aluminum nitride (AlN) materials, and a novel insulation material that will be created for a DC voltage cable and result in a significant reduction in partial discharges, is also aided by Dr. Ghassemi’s study. The successful result of this project seeks to design and model cables for an all electric aircraft (AEA), test and refine cable design components, and verify the final prototype cable and component design to create cables that can support an all electric aircraft (AEA) at a reasonable cost.