Dr. Theodore J. Price received $523,710 from the University of Cincinnati for his research on Neuromodulatory Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity in Spinal Nociceptive Circuits. This project aims to continue and complete the work on Specific Aim 3 of Dr. Mark L. Baccei’s project in the Price lab to determine the neuromodulators that cause the priming of spinal nociceptive circuits after neonatal tissue damage. This objective will be achievable by using models consistent with the work done in the Baccei lab, obtaining transgenic mice from Jackson laboratories, and breeding based on experiments done in the Baccei lab, only using behavioral endpoints rather than electrophysiology. Additionally, this project will also measure mechanical and thermal sensitivity in the incision priming models as well as grimace measurements at time points after PGE2 injections, von Frey in the graded CCI model, conflict avoidance studies for assessment of spontaneous pain, and conduct studies using floxed mice for the Drd1 and Drd5 genes with an intersectional strategy to specifically delete these genes in projection neurons in the dorsal horn under completely blinded conditions.