The Human Subjects Research Office is pleased to announce that Genny Whidby, a member of The Baby Brain Lab, has been selected as the recipient of the Fall 2023 HIVE Award!

Genny graduated from UT Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and currently works as the Lab Manager and Research Assistant in the Baby Brain Lab. She decided to join this group because she felt that her previous experience, which includes working with children / teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aligned with the goals of the research.

Genny has worked with Dr. Meghan Swanson and her team in the Baby Brain Lab for a little over a year and has been actively engaged in data collection activities, including assisting with MRI procedures, as well as administrative tasks, such as completing IRB submissions. She also serves as a mentor for new group members and ensures that they receive the appropriate training prior to engaging in human subjects research to ensure the protection of participants. Dr. Swanson shared that Genny is detail-oriented and takes pride in ensuring that the approved research protocols are followed: “As the first point of contact for new people, she sets the stage for what is expected in the lab regarding values and habits. My team benefits tremendously from Genny’s careful approach to her job.”

The research conducted in the Baby Brain Lab is focused on infant development. When asked to describe her research, Genny stated the following: “We look at infant brains, caregiver speech, and language acquisition. Ultimately, the lab’s mission is to better understand infant development and use this knowledge to help families provide a conducive environment for their baby’s development.” She also shared that her favorite part of conducting human subjects research is interacting with the participants, especially the younger children.

While some individuals are able to identify one person who has been a strong inspiration in their lives, Genny indicated that she appreciates learning from all interactions with other individuals and emphasized the importance of continually trying to improve and expand her knowledge. “You only live once” is a phrase that speaks to Genny, and it’s evident that living by this quote will help lead her to the next adventure in her life.

The Human Subjects Research Office is proud to include Genny as a member of the HIVE!