The development, ownership, management, use, and marketing of intellectual property developed at the University are governed by The Intellectual Property Policy of The University of Texas System.

The policy may be found at the following site:

Intellectual property is any invention, creation, discovery, scientific or technological development, computer software, or other forms of expression of an idea arising from the activities of personnel covered by System policy. The System policy does not apply to faculty-authored written or visual work, except computer software, produced in the author’s professional field, and such faculty- authored work is owned by the creator.

When intellectual property results from work at the University that the creator believes may be of value, the creator must disclose such intellectual property to the University’s Intellectual Property Advisory Committee. Additional information regarding the process of invention disclosure is available through the Committee.

Negotiations with sponsors relating to intellectual property matters are the responsibility of the Office of Sponsored Projects and the University of Texas System as appropriate. Licensing agreements for the technology are handled by the Office of Technology Commercialization.