This Lab to Launch session by Ron Poynter titled, “The Ungraceful Art of Bootstrapping” will discuss non-funded start up experiences.

Ron Poynter is the founder and CEO of OnPoynt Drone Solutions. OnPoynt, founded in 2012, is the nation’s leading supplier of innovative classroom-ready drone kits for schools, colleges, and universities. OnPoynt was identified as a “high potential start-up” by UT Dallas for its innovative product: the OnPoynt’s drone racing system for schools to manage team drone racing events. Ron is a drone industry expert and speaks at industry, tech, education, and community venues including as the keynote speaker for TechTitans and at AUVSI on Drones for STEM Education Success Stories in 2019.

“Lab to Launch” is the new seminar series for researchers interested in pursuing entrepreneurship. Anyone, not just researchers, interested in entrepreneurship are encouraged to watch. This series is sponsored by the Office of Research, in partnership with the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Blackstone Launchpad.