The Office of Research is proud to announce the broad availability of The Open Science Framework is a platform to publicly share, host, and maintain your research artifacts. This includes but is not limited to lab documentation, research preregistration, publications, data sets, workflows, and data management plans.

OSF also enables you and your team to:

  • Organize project materials and data
  • Be transparent about research and methods
  • Collaborate at all levels of a project within the institution and with outside collaborators.
  • Link all related data and materials
  • Conveniently share and make parts or whole projects public, and simultaneously retain security and privacy of project elements that are not shareable because of ethical or proprietary considerations.
  • Archive and cite projects easily.
  • Connect 3rd party tools and services.

We have created an example Lab Template that can be duplicated and customized to get you up and running quickly. Easily authenticate, share, and publish by logging in with your NetID and password.

Learn more about affiliating projects on the OSF in the OSF Guides. We encourage you to leverage this free resource and are always available for questions at