The Office of Naval Research awarded Professor Ray Baughman $337,880 for his research on Enabling the Fabrication and Characterization of Nanofibers and their Transformation into Inexpensive, High Performance Artificial Muscles and Mechanical Energy Harvesters. This project aims to fund specific equipment purchases for a proposed Office of Naval Research (ONR) program on mechanical energy harvester yarns and electrochemical artificial muscles. This objective will be possible by investing in electrospinning equipment that can monitor the performance of carbon nanotube (CNTs) yarns and extend the research to other nanoscale diameter fibers with high needed strength and gravimetric capacitances. In addition, this project will also propose to purchase a Raman microscope to analyze and improve the transformation between the electrospun precursor nanofiber yarns and the highly electronically conducting yarns. Using a Raman microscope to measure the radial dependency of a yarn bias angle, built to maximize either muscle or harvester performance, this research will successfully produce a new type of yarn in the proposed Office of Naval Research (ONR) program.