Whether you are interested in keeping up with the latest discoveries on disease-causing mechanisms, treatments for illnesses, or explanations for some of society’s most complex issues, the Spring 2023 issue of UT Dallas Magazine features the latest campus research highlights! In this magazine issue, you can explore research-related articles that focus on supporting investments, research, ground-breaking discoveries, and solution efforts made by various UTD students and scholars.

As a Tier One research institution, UT Dallas is increasingly defining itself as one of the preeminent universities of innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S.

UT Dallas Magazine, Spring 2023

To read about more research at UTD, see the following research-related articles in the Spring 2023 issue:

Research Rising discusses the importance of UTD’s research and innovation efforts featured in UT Dallas Magazine.

Engineering Health highlights the recent collaborative efforts made by researchers and faculty members within the bioengineering program.

From Molecules to Medicine underlines the history of UT Dallas’ first startup company Macrocyclics and how this company has benefited UTD’s students and researchers’ innovative efforts and the pharmaceutical industry.

Sustain Ability sheds light on the significance of UT Dallas incorporating sustainability practices when caring for the natural environment of UTD’s campus.