Weeks of Welcome Poster Competition

August 27, 2018

Research assistant Marissa Higgins from Dr. Quevedo’s lab proudly presents her research.

Nickolas Ashburn, a materials science and engineering PhD candidate, discusses his research at the Weeks of Welcome Poster Competition.

Electrical and computer engineering PhD candidate Beiming Cao was eager to discuss his research conducted with Dr. Wang’s Speech Disorders and Technology Lab.

Cedric Ambulo, PhD candidate in bioengineering, presents his research conducted in Dr. Taylor Ware’s lab.

UT Dallas VP of Research, Dr. Pancrazio, listens to mechanical engineering PhD candidate Emily Levy discusses her research on residual limb revision surgery.

David Allen, PhD candidate in mechanical engineering, shares his research with the UT Dallas community.

David Allen’s research is created in the Locomotor Control Systems Laboratory with assistance from Dr. Robert Gregg and Dr. Walter Voit.

A student poses with Temoc while enjoying the festivities.

Dr. Joseph Pancrazio congratulates chemistry PhD candidate Kyle Murray of the D’Arcy Lab.

Photo bomb! Temoc shares his enthusiasm with Maziyar Keshavarzian, PhD candidate in bioengineering, on his achievement.

Haley Dahl, a molecular and cell biology PhD candidate in biological sciences, is commended for her accomplishment with the Vice President for Research.

Michael Darrow, PhD candidate at the Texas Biomedical Device Center, accepts his award with praise from Dr. Joseph Pancrazio and Temoc.

Hassan Jahanandish, PhD candidate in bioengineering, is applauded for his hard work in robotics and machine learning with Dr. Fey.

Dr. Joseph Pancrazio prepares to announce the first place winner.

The audience listens in anticipation for the results of the first annual Weeks of Welcome poster competition.

Congratulations to First Place winner Kevin Lam, PhD candidate in biomedical engineering! Whoosh!

The honorable mentions and winners pictured with Dr. Pancrazio and Temoc, from left to right: Haley Dahl, Michael Darrow, Hassan Jahanandish, Dr. Joseph Pancrazio, Kyle Murray, Kevin Lam, and Maziyar Keshavarzian. Congratulations Comets!

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