While world-class research is the primary metric of success in the academic world, UT Dallas is equally committed to forging friendships through partnerships with the industries that drive the Texas economy.

Please explore our Available Technologes for technologies and other innovations that are available for licensing. Contact us for additional information or to establish a collaborative relationship.

Find the Right Research(er)

If you are not already in communications with a researcher and/or you are unsure if UT Dallas even has expertise in a particular area of interest to you or your firm, then let us help. We will help you put an agreement in place with the right UT Dallas researchers to: enable confidential discussions; contract for services or the transfer of materials and knowledge; or, secure the rights to UT Dallas-owned intellectual property rights.

Expedite Negotiations

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) recognizes that there are some fundamental differences between a licensing agreement entered into with an educational institution versus one with a commercial party. OTC personnel are industry-experienced and understand the fundamental needs of its industry licensing partners. By coupling the essential elements of license agreement know-how with an academic institution’s operational guidelines, we strive to create a smoother and more efficient negotiation process.

We do this through a team of licensing counsel who are highly experienced in working with university technology transfer offices and in expediting successful negotiation processes. And, we further smooth the process by featuring standard agreements that are widely accepted in industry, substantially reducing or even eliminating extensive negotiations.