Each individual applying to work with animals or requesting access to the Lab Animal Resource Center must complete the following training and immunization requirements:

Comet Card Requirement for temporary LARC users

You will need a Comet Card to access the Lab Animal Resource Center. You will need the administrator of your program to submit a University Access Authorization Form on your behalf. You will pick up your Comet Card at the Comet Card Office, Student Service Addition (2nd floor), SSA 12.324.

Step 1: Access Requests And Online Training

Access Requests

In order for you to begin the vivarium access process, you will need to submit an access request through our lab management system, BioRAFT.

To request access:

  • Please contact Tyler Tornblom so that he can add your access request for the Natural Science and Engineering Research Lab – Vivarium facility.

Your facility access request will be submitted for processing and your training requirements will be activated and available to you (see instructions below).

Online Training

Training courses are associated with the safety requirements and functions within the vivarium. Please log in to the system using your UTD NetID and password. After requesting access, you may use the direct link to complete the online training modules.

Description: These online training modules are designed to provide an understanding of animal research regulations, as well as the proper care and handling of animals in a research setting. Please follow the instructions in the system.  Upon completion of the courses, the training system will be updated automatically.

Required Modules

  • Ethics in Animal Research
  • Zoonotic Diseases
  • Working with the Laboratory Mice and/or Working with the Laboratory Rat (complete the module(s) applicable to you lab’s research – consult your faculty sponsor)

Step 2: Immunization Requirements And Participation In The Occupational Health Program

Description: UT Dallas is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment for all employees, students, and volunteers in order to remain in compliance with its Federal Assurances. As such, IACUC policy requires that individuals working with animals receive a Tetanus immunization. If you have already received a Tetanus immunization, please submit the record to the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO). The immunization must not be older than 10 years, or you will have to be re-immunized. A tetanus immunization can be obtained from UTD Health Services.

In addition, all animal researchers are required to complete a Medical Health Questionnaire for review by the Student Health Center Medical Director, as it relates to working with/near laboratory animals. This is to assess the working conditions the researchers will be exposed to and determine if any additional procedures or practices will be necessary to protect the health and safety of the individual.

Instructions: Proof of tetanus immunization (shot record) must be provided to the ORIO prior to obtaining access to the Vivarium. Likewise, the Medical Health Questionnaire must be filled out and provided to the ORIO prior to obtaining access to the Vivarium. The Medical Director will need to approve the Questionnaire before an individual attempts to make an appointment for Orientation.

Once these forms are obtained and completed, they may be sent to the following contact:

Office of Research Integrity and Outreach
Email Contact: Jacqueline Sanders
Phone: 972-883-2747
Drop off: Student Health Center (SSB 4.700). It is recommended that you email Jacqueline before you arrive so she can be available to pick up your forms.

Step 3: Building Access Form

Instructions: This form must be signed by your Faculty Sponsor and returned to the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach before access can be granted.

To acquire the form, contact Tyler Tornblom.

Step 4: Orientation (By Appointment Only)

Description: This training is provided by our Lab Animal Resource Center staff and is designed to acclimate the individual to the handling of animals and provide training on proper techniques.

Instructions: Steps 1-3 must be completed prior to scheduling an appointment for Orientation. Should an individual attempt to attend Orientation without an appointment, that individual will be turned away. If you have completed the requirements and would like to schedule an appointment, contact Tyler Tornblom.

Techniques and items covered:

  • Vivarium tour
  • Supplies
  • First Aid
  • Policies and SOPs (i.e. needle stick policy, occupational safety, etc.)
  • Acclimation to animal handling (upon request)
  • Injections (upon request)
  • Gavaging (upon request)
  • Blood draw (upon request)

Step 5: NSERL Badge

Description: Upon completion of the above four steps, the individual’s Comet Card will be activated and a photo ID badge will be issued.

Instructions: Photo ID badges can be obtained at the Comet Card Office, Student Service Addition (2nd floor), SSA 12.324.

If you are having trouble obtaining a badge, contact Tyler Tornblom.